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15 Steps How to Write an Effective Discussion Chapter

The discussion chapter in any paperwork is the main part that explains the overall result and findings of the research. In this chapter, you also highlight the future implementations of your work. As a student, you need to show the importance of your work clearly. And for this purpose, this chapter helps a lot.

This chapter must have a clear focus on the evaluation and explanation of the findings you have at the end.  The main mistake student do in their writing style is that they write this chapter in a gust way. In order to finish their work early, they miss the basic steps of writing.

You have to consider all the factors for writing a good discussion chapter of a paper. Moreover, in order to have a complete guide about the steps, you can follow guidance materials like Dissertation Help Leeds. Here we will discuss 15 steps that will help you to write an active chapter of discussion.

15 Steps of Writing an Effective Discussion Chapter

However, the following steps can help you as a student to write a good discussion chapter for any paper:

Understand The Topic’s Objective

Always keep in mind before starting the work that you have a clear understanding of the topic and its purposes. Understating objectives is very basic, as without them you are not able to discuss the results well. Moreover, to gain the objectives of a paper clearly, you have to understand them fully. 

Clear Structure

You should give a proper structure to your chapter. You can divide the chapter into different parts or sections. For example, you can give an analysis and summary of your findings in the first part. After that, you can discuss how your results are in connection with your objectives and literature review. At last, you can show your final thoughts about the results and their future implications.

Use of Grammar

In any discussion as well as in any research paper, correct use of tense and grammar is very important. Incorrect grammar and tenses can affect the readability of your work. What you need to understand is the background in which you are discussing your work. For instance, if you are writing a discussion chapter you should often use present or past tense.

Use of Literature

In the discussion chapter, the major use of the hypothesis is to provide a theoretical outline to the readers.  It is the prime part of the discussion as it gives them the concept to read.

Use of Hypothesis

Moreover, if you are giving a theory, you have to provide a background to set the standards. There would be a need to provide the hypothesis to obtain a valid finding.

Evaluation of the Results

Instead of making things easier in the findings, it’s important to study the results to present them in the discussion. There is a need for evaluation, as it is the necessity of the discussion chapter.

Comparison of Results

Moreover, after evaluating the results we have to compare them with existing studies to give a comparable discussion. To have a proper finding of the study, you should compare the results from the literature review. It is one of the very important features of a well-written thesis.  When comparing the results, it is also important to present the validity of both results.

Findings of the thesis

It is a major fact that the reliability of the findings needs to be in a valid and accurate manner. That is why it is good to develop a path when considering the findings in the discussion chapter.

Give Suitable Solutions

Considering the nature of the problem raised, you should present the findings by suggesting a suitable solution or policy.  When this impact has been made, you can move it to the discussion chapter and share it with the readers.

The limitation of the study

When you are working on research, it is very basic to consider its limitation. The limitation of the study can be a controlling part of the path of the discussion. Moreover, in the discussion chapter of the thesis, it is vital to give some of the highlights of the limitations. To study the limitation, you have to be unique and accepting because changes are important for the study.

Consider being unique

Uniqueness is a very important part of any paperwork. Your focus on your research work should evolve and change with time. Since you are working on a long project, there should be some changes in the work as per the trend. You should never worry about the changing you are bringing to the table.


To give a professional look to your work you can take help from editing services online. This step can give new life to your work. Moreover, you can bring new features to the chapter as per the current requirements.


You can also proofread your work to correct your mistakes. The process of writing can be flawless if you briefly proofread your work. You can use this step to prepare an informative chapter of discussion.

Formatted Work

Give proper headings to your work and format them correctly. Moreover, for a logical and rational flow of your work, you should format your chapter well.

Avoid Absolute Terms

Never use absolute terms in your discussion. Your work should never be proven scientifically. However, you can use words like indicate and suggest to give your work a non-indicating look.


In conclusion in the above blog, we can identify the steps of effective discussion writing. This blog is helping us in understanding how you can cater to a good discussion. This writing can also be improved by consulting with the service providers at Dissertation Writing Services at the university

A well-written discussion chapter can enhance the effectiveness of your study. You can give new ideas with the help of your analysis of different studies. Moreover, the steps above are defining the deep steps which we need to consider for the preparation of an effective discussion.

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