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How Oil Consumption Influences Global Economy Economics

The whole world today relies heavily on oil, from making energy to using it for transportation. Oil has effects on every basic commodity of life. Hence, when oil prices rise or fall, the cost of goods and services also gets affected. If the oil price rises, commodities get expensive, and if they fall the prices [...]

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The Political-Economic Effects of Brexit for the UK

Nearly more than half of the world does not know about Brexit. Well, of course, why would anyone know about Brexit, they do not have anything to deal with it or do. Yet, we bet most of the UK knows about it, as it was a valuable event to them. It changed various things for [...]

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Budgeting a Public Healthcare System

Healthcare budgeting is an important aspect of government policy. It ensures that each department and sector is receiving the right amount of money and resources to work effectively. The healthcare budgeting process involves understanding how much funding should be spent in different areas. There are 2 significant costs that budgeting covers that are operating costs [...]

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How Gender Studies Influence Economic Theories

Gender studies have become common among us today. It happened with the help of the inclination for gender equality. Today, gender equality and women’s empowerment are widely known and supported by people all around the world. Both the genders get same career options and success these days. All of these were possible with the help [...]

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How Small Companies can compete with International Business

When you go on building your brand you feel like you won’t be able to compete among these big whales. Although they have the advantage of the brand and they have cost advantage and strong product positioning, your business can make an impact as well. It is the beauty of capitalism that gives everyone equal [...]

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