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5 Things To Avoid While Writing Dissertation

You must have felt pretty awkward when your supervisor asked you to update him about the progress of your research. We get you since writing dissertations is no easy task. From research work to data collection to sampling and literature review along with conclusions, things can become really tough even for a scholar. You need to be a little extra diligent and all the more careful when writing a dissertation.

While you are writing a dissertation you should be mindful of a few things. When you are adding details, your dissertation should be relevant to your topic statement. Your literature review and your discussion should synchronize with your conclusion. When you compile you should check if you are missing out on anything. These along with many others tend to embarrass you in front of your supervisors. That is why we are here to help you out by providing you an effective dissertation help London. We suggest that you take help from online dissertation guides. For now, we have compiled a list of things that you should avoid while writing your dissertation. 

So buckle up and start working on your research to composing a dissertation that impresses your instructor and satisfies you too. 

Weak Topic Statement 

After you’ve decided on a topic, the following stage is to write a solid thesis statement. This is a crucial, core component of a well-written paper. You must set your stance or have a clear point of view, in order to write a great thesis statement. The thesis statement should be simple and concise, expressing only one important point. This is an issue that deserves to be discussed further. An excellent thesis statement is straightforward yet appealing and entices the reader to keep reading.

Keep one thing in mind, when you do research for your topics – it should have some literature reviews. This shows that your topic is not too outlandish. So much so, that it was considered before you. This does not mean that you lack originality. Rather, this shows that you are capable of using topics that are not clichéd but considered as being worthy of research. 

Lack Of ‘Enough’ Research

This tends to happen quite often to students who are stressed out or occupied with the selection of a dissertation topic. Due to this, their focus tends to get blurred and this can be exhibited in their writing. Conducting thorough research and then choosing a topic that connects to you is a crucial step towards a great dissertation.

With that done, you will have a wealth of ideas to start with. So get your intellectual gear moving once you’ve done enough research. Only then can you produce effective ideas that will form the essence of your work. When your claims aren’t backed up by adequate sources, the entire dissertation falls flat. In fact, it has the potential to undo all of your previous efforts.

It’s likewise a mistake to conduct extensive research but only in an inadequate way. You must do extensive research on whatever you are writing your dissertation about. A wide range of sources provides credibility to your work. It may even reduce the perception of bias.

No Link Between Topic And Reference Statements

The framework of your dissertation starts with your thesis statement and moves on to your pieces of evidence. This part comprises the main body of your research on which your discussion is going to be based. The best research papers are essentially based on a long-term investigation and stimulating debate on a well-defined topic. From your thesis statement to your supporting argument, your paper must flow smoothly and steadily.

You’ll need to set up a system to keep track of your quotes, sources, and citations. Furthermore, each section of your dissertation should have a distinct structure and flow of ideas. Even if your work is amazing and groundbreaking, a lack of organization will detract from it.

Citations And Plagiarism 

While you include references, quotes, statistical reports, and the like. Everything utilised in your work must be properly credited. Depending on the instructor, the specific requirements for doing so may differ. Whether you’re using MLA or another format, each style has its own set of rules and requirements for citing sources. Check with your instructor for specifics so that you can reference sources in accordance with the rules. 

Fortunately, the software is now available that can assist in the preparation of research articles. Whether you’re using MLA, APA, or another citation style, formatting software can assist take the guesswork out of the procedure. Knowing how to avoid these typical problems when writing a research paper can go a long way toward avoiding them. 

Make sure your citations are clear, lest you want to get penalised for plagiarism. Although it is difficult to do so, it can be avoided by following a well-organized writing process. However, even the most well-intentioned writer can make a mistake if they aren’t diligent. Plagiarism, even if it is unintentional, will jeopardise your reputation and your work. If in doubt, employ a plagiarism detector to ensure that your work is free of ‘copy-pasting. 

Furthermore, all supporting claims in your paper should be backed up by credible sources that substantiate the thesis statement’s point of view. Your supporting pieces of evidence should elaborate on your original thesis statement. Plus they should be based on solid, factual evidence that you cite and that the reader can easily check.

Do NOT Procrastinate 

The length of a usual dissertation is 100 to 200 pages long. However, it may vary depending on the topic, a dissertation. In any case, leaving it till the last minute is something that we will NOT recommend you to do. Remember, you will need to submit numerous drafts. All the while, allowing enough time for your supervisors and other readers to digest them. You’ll also need time to act on their suggestions. These will have to take place in addition to the classes.

You’ll also need time to act on their suggestions. And all of this will have to be done in addition to the coursework and other obligations you and they already have. You may make sloppy mistakes if you rush your writing, but you will also run out of time to convey a truly unique perspective in your work. Plan ahead of time and add extra padding than you think you’ll need. We know dissertations can be daunting. Yet procrastination is not a solution to this problem. We reckon you take a leap of faith. Once you do that, things will unravel and it will become easier for you to progress.

All in all, there are a few common pitfalls that students fall into when writing a research paper. However, knowing about these potential problems before you begin your paper can go a long way toward ensuring that you avoid them. As there is nothing that is more disappointing than finding out a loophole after you have submitted your dissertation. To avoid this, you can also get professional dissertation help London. This will alleviate a great deal of stress and frustration. You’ll be able to create a paper that will impress your instructor, as well as a work that will be well-received by your peers.

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