An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

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An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

– Benjamin Franklin

The quote in question was penned down by one of the founding fathers of America in one of his books, ‘The Way to Wealth’. For every business person, investing in the right thing is crucial. You can’t risk your investment in something that will never bear fruit. You always look for investing in something that maximizes your investment and gives you tenfold back. Some students invest in the best dissertation writing services UK based help, hoping that it could provide them with the help it claims to provide, while others see online courses as the way forward for them.

If one really asks, what is the best form of investment? One can easily spend hours and hours thinking, without coming up with a correct answer. Interestingly enough, Benjamin Franklin has a unique perspective of the question above. According to him, the best form of investment for individuals is investing in knowledge. Now, what did he mean by that? Well, to put his words into context, let’s use his own words which are, “if a man empties his purse into his head no man can take it from him”. There’s always a risk when it comes to investing. However, knowledge is something that doesn’t have any risks of loss. No one can steal knowledge from you, and knowledge can provide endless opportunities in both monetary and life choices. Where you are in your life in any domain is entirely dependent upon your knowledge and learning. So, investing in knowledge is something that pays you the best.

Now that we have demonstrated that knowledge is worth spending your money on, the real question is, how can one invest his or her money? Well, that is why this article was penned down. In this article, we are going to lay down different ‘investing’ opportunities that one can do for a limitless knowledge stream. Let’s start.

Different Kinds of Learning

When it comes to knowledge and learning, there are different ways or rather mediums through which you can acquire it. Human consciousness is in a state of constant learning. Ever since we are born, we are in a constant state of learning, acquiring newer information by the day. Some are useful, while others are not. Yes, you have read that right, not all knowledge is beneficial to you. It is the adaption of the right knowledge that sets you on the right path. However, differentiating between what’s right and wrong (in terms of knowledge) can sometimes be difficult to accomplish, but that is for another day.

Even in knowledge and learning, there are different types. For instance, we learn in two ways; formally and informally. Informal learning is done throughout our lives. Our experiences, friendships, loss, and everything that makes us in terms of our personalities, nature, and character is achieved through informal learning. One can argue that this type of learning cannot be controlled. On the other hand, formal learning is different. Formal learning is something we get from our educational institutions. Starting from school all the way to the university constitutes formal learning. This systematic learning is as important as any other learning. However, informal learning, we do have the choice to select what we want to consume and learn.

This is why we tend to select our majors differently. Every person has their own interests and based on them, they select their ‘formal’ education. However, even with informal learning, you don’t get complete learning, and this is where the investing part comes in. Investing in your knowledge means investing your money into gaining further knowledge which is beneficial for both your career and life. Coming back to the main question, how can we invest in gaining knowledge efficiently? Well, there are many ways which will be discussing.

Online Courses

Ever since the boom of the internet, we have progressed and come a long way. We have evolved so much that it is impossible to disregard the existence of this technology. The wise thing to do is to consume this technology in ways that are beneficial to us and our future. When talking about investing, one of the best ways to invest in yourself is through online courses. Online courses have become the new wave in the 21st century. Students and professionals both can reap the benefits of online courses in accelerating their growth and potential.

There are countless online courses of all academic and professional niches. No matter if you are a university student or a CEO, you can learn and expand the horizons of your knowledge through online courses. They are cheap and they provide the convenience needed. Most of these online courses are self-paced and students can learn whenever they want. Furthermore, many of these online courses are free of cost as well. So, one can continue their work-life and study at the same time, expanding their professional arsenal.


With online courses, you can also expand your knowledge through webinars. Webinars is the new addition to the online realm that has been benefiting and helping young prospects with useful information. The best part about webinars are they are usually conducted by experienced men and women who have achieved extraordinary feat in their domain and industry. Their insights and knowledge will be crucial for your overall professional growth. Learning from the experiences of successful people will allow you to think like them and make better professional choices. Furthermore, the platform is great because you can easily access it with a single click from your mobile device. All you need to have is a working internet connection and that is it.   

Professional Networking

This goes out to all our professional individuals. At any level, learning shouldn’t stop. There is always something new to learn in the world and what better way to learn something than from your peer’s experiences? Professional networking is a term that is used to describe interactional meetings that are mutually beneficial for both parties. Suppose you are in need of dissertation help and you are conversing with someone who has already used the best dissertation writing services UK based help, your interaction will lead to a fruitful discussion. You should always be communicative with your fellow professionals, and that doesn’t entirely necessitate face-to-face meetings. You can interact on online platforms as well.

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