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Can You Write a Dissertation In 2 Weeks?

Students are famous for procrastinating in their work. Luckily, students manage to complete their essays and assignments one night before the deadline. However, the case can be different when it involves a dissertation project. Undoubtedly, a dissertation can take months of hard work to complete timely. Many students do not prepare for it on time and regret it when it is only two weeks away. However, today we have different types of help available. You can even find the Best Dissertation Writing Services UK-based help to complete your dissertation within two weeks.

Besides, there are many ways to complete a dissertation in a short time period without taking any help. All you need to do is plan efficiently. Remember that a research project takes loads of time and effort to conduct proper research. Thus, if you have 14 days left to complete it, you must be very careful.

Is It Possible to Write A Dissertation in 14 Days?

Of course, it is. Students can write a dissertation in 2 weeks. Generally, most of the students can write a 2,000 words essay in one night. Now calculate the rest. A dissertation contains 10,000 to 12,000 words. Thus, if you plan smartly, you can make it possible. Although, most students take at least a month to write their research project from point zero. However, strong dedication can help us complete it in half time.

The cost to write a dissertation in 2 weeks is that you cannot afford to spend time anywhere else. Whether it is about your family, friends, gatherings, or comfort. Also, you will need to cut off from social media platforms, as they take a lot of time.

Picking an Interesting Topic

The first step is to pick an interesting topic for your research. We know that a dissertation is a lengthy task and requires thorough knowledge of the topic. Thus, choosing a suitable topic can help you focus better on the work. This way, you will not feel it boring, and your interest can help you collect evidence and essential material efficiently.

So make sure you pick up a topic that you find interesting. Also, there are many types of research. For example, you can go for quantitative, qualitative, or mixed descriptive research. Every type is different from one another. Therefore, pick the one that takes the least time to complete. This way, you can write it timely.

Appropriate Planning

If you decide to write your dissertation without seeking any help, you need to assign 3 to 4 days for researching. These days, you must collect relevant and authentic data, figures, evidence, primary and secondary sources, and citations. This way, you do not have to worry about writing at this point. First, you collect every essential data and then sit to write.

Now, you have ten days left to write, edit, and proofread your work, according to the calculation. At this point, you have to devote 5 to 6 days to writing. You need to write at least 1500-2000 words daily. This way, you will end up with three days to edit and proofread your work and one day to check plagiarism efficiently.

You might be thinking that three days are more than enough for editing and proofreading? Well, if you encounter any unexpected error during the writing period, you can cover it up in the remaining three days. That is why it is better to spare three days aside from the writing period.

Plagiarism Check and Citation

Plagiarism is intolerable in the academic world. Thus, every student should submit unique plagiarism-free research. Solely this way, you will get expected grades. However, avoiding plagiarism has become a complex task for students these days. It happens because they are unaware of the methods to evade plagiarism. That is why it is necessary to run your content through a plagiarism checker. If you find any plagiarism in your work, paraphrasing can help you get rid of it. However, make sure you paraphrase your work the right way.

You can find dozens of excellent plagiarism checkers on the internet. So spare a day to check your work’s originality. Else, you can hand your work to a professional academic help service, and they will make sure it is plagiarism-free.

Moreover, you need to cite the sources you used in your research. Citing is a process to give credits to the original authors, sources, or ideas if you have taken them from somewhere. Plus, citing can help you avoid plagiarism.

Hiring Professional Writers

It is an alternative to complete your dissertation timely. Many students cannot write a whole dissertation in two weeks. Thus, they can always hire professional writers to complete their work on time. So if you feel earlier that you cannot write your research project within two weeks, remember that there is always help available.

The academic professionals can surely help you write a long research task within two weeks. Just make sure to hire writers from authentic academic help agencies. Also, you may get free editing and revision if you hire a good help service for your dissertation.


I hope you have learned a lot from the above information. As I stated above, you can write a dissertation in two weeks if you have a good plan. Else, if you think you cannot deal with it or the due date comes near, do not worry. You can simply search on Google for the Best Dissertation Writing Services UK-based help and hand your work to them. In both cases, you can submit your research project timely. Besides, appropriate planning can save you in this troublesome case.

Moreover, you should always observe your professor’s expectations toward the dissertation project. Find out what your professor actually wants. This way, you can hit the conclusion quickly. Also, it can help you satisfy your professor’s expectations. If things do not work well, contact your supervisors and seek help from them. Thus, just try your best, and things will automatically become easier.

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