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Child Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Children’s health nursing is a rapidly growing and dynamic area of practice. As the number of children with complex health problems increases, the importance of providing excellent care to these patients also increases. Many nursing students nowadays focus on exploring child health nursing dissertation topics. Even some students seek professional nursing dissertation writing services help to impress their supervisors with their dissertations. However, you do not have to do the same because we will offer remarkable child nursing dissertation topics below.

In this post, we will explore some of the key concepts in child nursing research from an academic perspective. Therefore, do not worry about your final year research project anymore. We understand how difficult it is to write a nursing dissertation timely. Thus, let us help you by offering some quality child health nursing research topics and making things convenient. All you need is a fitting topic for your dissertation project to get a jumpstart.

Top Child Nursing Research Topics

When writing a nursing dissertation, it should include a statement of the problem, research question, or hypothesis. You have to provide background information on the topic, summarize the literature review, and state whether you will conduct an empirical study or rely on existing studies and literature reviews. You should also describe how your study differs from prior research in terms of its significance and implications. All these things are crucial for a nursing dissertation. However, the most important thing to succeed in this task is a fitting research topic.

As you are here, we will offer you wide-ranging child nursing research topics to ease things. Know that poor topic selection can lead you toward failure. Thus, think a hundred times before you choose a topic for your research because it is not a day-long task. You will have to work on your research for months or a year. Anyway, let’s get you to the part of offering brilliant nursing research ideas.

Child Nursing Topics Related to Complex Health Problems

One of the most important things that nurses can do for children with complex health problems is to provide nursing care. Nursing care is a process that helps patients recover from their injuries, illnesses, or diseases. Nurses are trained to recognize signs of illness in their patients and then help them get better.

Nursing care includes taking care of a child’s physical condition after an injury, infection, or disease has occurred, helping them eat, giving them medicines if necessary, fluids through feeding tubes or IVs (intravenous), and providing emotional support. They do whatever it takes to know how well their patient is doing. That is why this field is great to explore for a dissertation project. So here is a list of the top child health nursing research topics

  1. Case study of an early childhood health center (ECHC) in a rural area
  2. The sensitivity of pediatricians to the needs of the feeding children
  3. The role of the community health worker (CHW) in public health promotion and disease prevention activities
  4. The role of communication skills in improving the outreach program for women, infants, and children (WIC) participants
  5. The effects of child health nursing on the quality of life of children who have a specific learning disability
  6. The effect of a high-sodium diet on the health of children
  7. The impact of lack of sleep on the health of children
  8. Nursing care of infants and children with disabilities
  9. Nursing care of children with chronic health conditions
  10. Long-term care nursing: a study of prevalence, risk factors, and management strategies for adults with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
  11. Child health nursing: a study of preparedness for pediatric medical emergencies in a national disaster preparedness center

Unique Child Nursing Research Topics

Perhaps the above list is not impressive enough to catch your mind. No worries, we have a list of unique child nursing research topics that will definitely seek your attention. However, unique topics may cause unnecessary trouble in collecting data. It is hard to find authentic data on unique topics because of a lack of awareness. Anyway, here is a list of some unique child nursing research ideas to amaze you.

  1. The impact of poverty on child health
  2. The effect of child abuse on child health
  3. The link between social class and child health
  4. The relationship between family size and child health
  5. How genes and child health relate to each other
  6. The significance of ecological elements on child health
  7. How parental behavior affects children health
  8. The impact of parental smoking on the health of children
  9. The effect of family structure on child health outcomes
  10. How different parenting style leads to diversified outcomes on child health
  11. Long-term effects of socioeconomic status on child health
  12. The outcomes of poor academics of parents on child health
  13. The influence of bedtime on young children’s sleep quality and behavior: A qualitative study
  14. The effects of poor diet on the health of young children: A systematic review
  15. The harm of passive smoking on child health in the first five years of life: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  16. The effect of maternal nutritional status on children’s health in childhood and adolescence: an evidence update
  17. The implication of infant formula use on infant health outcomes: a systematic review
  18. Neonatal and pediatric care
  19. Childhood illness and disease in children
  20. Childhood obesity and childhood nutrition
  21. Mental health and developmental disorders in childhood
  22. Pediatric emergency care (including airway management)

Rare Child Nursing Research Ideas

What if you want to write a dissertation on a topic that no one would even dare to think about? If so, there are a lot of rare child nursing research topics available today to choose from. So do not worry, here is a list of some rare child nursing research topic ideas that will make your supervisors bind to read your dissertation with attention.

  1. Newborn and childhood behavioral health nursing
  2. Maternal-infant care and mental health nursing
  3. Pediatric oncology nursing
  4. Women’s health nursing in labor and postpartum
  5. Effective health care for infants, children, and adolescents
  6. Evidence-based practice in the delivery of primary care to children, adolescents, and their families
  7. Developing a community-based model of primary care for children and their families
  8. Evidence-based practice in the delivery of long-term care for children, adolescents, and their families
  9. A study of the impact of parental stress on the health status of children
  10. Childhood obesity: an exploratory study
  11. Childhood trauma: an investigative research
  12. Child abuse, neglect, and domestic violence: a study of its relationship with mental health problems among children and adolescents
  13. Adolescent Caregiving: A Nursing Perspective
  14. Childhood obesity: a nursing perspective
  15. Coping with childhood cancer: a definitive research
  16. The effect of chronic illness on children and adolescents
  17. The effects of child abuse on the child and family
  18. The effect of a child health nurse’s personal and professional experiences on the care of children with asthma
  19. The effectiveness of family-centered care for children with asthma
  20. Impact of group therapy for children with asthma
  21. Does homecare beneficial in treating childhood asthma
  22. Parent training programs in making people aware of childhood illnesses

Common Child Health Nursing Research Ideas

Sometimes, all you need is simplicity over everything. If you are too busy and need to find a common child health nursing research topic, we got you. It is totally okay to work on topics that already have a lot of existing research studies, you can still impress your supervisors by filling in the gaps. So here is a list of some common child health nursing dissertation topics.

  1. The changing role of the nurse in pediatric care
  2. The impact of low-cost dental care on children’s oral health
  3. The effectiveness of a standardized assessment tool for nurses to assess child health outcomes
  4. The role of technology in communicating and collaborating with parents about their child’s illness
  5. The impact of parental stress on children’s sleep quality
  6. How crucial child nursing knowledge is for all nurses
  7. Hospital or homecare: Which one is better for child nursing
  8. The drawbacks of homecare in child nursing
  9. What problems do child nurses face during working hours
  10. The protocols to make child wards pandemic-safe
  11. The importance of emotional support in child nursing
  12. The link of human psychology with child nursing
  13. Why every child nurse should know psychology to treat their patients well
  14. Awareness of child nursing among parents and guardians
  15. The short and long-term effects of antibiotics on children’s health
  16. The significance of fitting environment in a child’s health recovery
  17. Why communication is crucial in child nursing: An investigative study
  18. Early diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in children
  19. The best approaches to reduce stress in children for child nurses
  20. How child nurses deal with elevated stress levels


The purpose of this blog is to provide you with an adequate amount of child nursing research topics to ease things. We hope this article helped you get some good ideas for your nursing dissertation. Perhaps you will not think seeking professional nursing dissertation help to find a good topic for your research project.

Besides, we wish you good luck with your dissertation and hope you succeed. If you need help writing your research project, do not hesitate to reach out to your professors, friends, supervisors, or family. They would love to provide you with whatever they have for your betterment.        

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