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Contract Law Dissertation Topics With Examples

Writing a dissertation was and never will be easy, especially if you have to write a contract law dissertation. Many law students struggle to deal with this academic task due to its high complexity. However, there are a few tips to make this task convenient, such as choosing an ideal topic. Even some students hire law dissertation writing services to seek expert guidance from experts, yet it cost a lot of money. Luckily, we are here to help you with this research project concern. This article can help you without paying anything.

As most students struggle to find a good topic for their contract law dissertation, we have gathered some of the best ideas in this blog. Therefore, read this article till the end to help yourself with this problem, and we guarantee you will succeed by following our guidance. You will get to see different types of contract law dissertation topics below that will let you pick a topic from a wide variety. However, aside from the topics below, there might be hundreds more on the internet. Therefore, if you do not find any topic fitting from this article, keep exploring for more.

The Top Contract Law Research Topics

Students have to deal with numerous stages while writing a contract law dissertation. However, no matter how excellently you go through each stage, you will struggle to complete your research project if your dissertation topic is not fitting. That is why it is highly important to spend adequate time on finding an ideal topic for your dissertation. However, to make things easier, we have composed a list of top contract law research topics to help you get a jumpstart.

  1. The importance of contract law and how it can save small-scale entrepreneurs and businesses.
  2. How the global business environment could be without contract law
  3. Contract law of shipping and cargo transport across the different nations: An investigative study on diversified contract laws
  4. Mudaraba and its effects: Is this Islamic law helpful for the business environment?
  5. Lawsuit or adjudication: Which is excellent for critical lawful decision-making?
  6. The significance of contract law in the modern world
  7. How the contract law deals with transnational business
  8. The necessity of contract law in small, medium, and large-scale firms across the world to tackle inflation
  9. Contract law with respect to the digital world: An explorative study on law, code, and interpretations of the contemporary world
  10. The link between contract law and federal circuit across different countries
  11. Comparison and differences of contract law in different nations
  12. The origin of contract law: A historical study
  13. Frameworks for implementation of contract law across the world
  14. The effects of contract law in urban areas
  15. How online privacy policies affect contract law in the western nations
  16. The role of the state in contract law: An explorative study
  17. Contract theories and valuation methodologies: An investigative study over the analysis of the literature of contract law.
  18. The best approach for legal decision-making: Arbitration or litigation

General Contract Law Research Topics

The above section contained some of the top contract law dissertation topic ideas. However, it does not mean there are no more ideas left for you to work on. In case you do not like the above topic list, you can give this general contract law research topic list a try. Choosing a general contract law research topic can make things much easier.

  1. The influence of online privacy policy and digitalization in the contract law sector
  2. The best approach to execute contract law in developing markets and emerging countries
  3. What is the role of the valuation methodologies in the contract law sector: An investigative study on how valuation methodologies change things in contract law
  4. Potential challenges and risks of implementing contract law in a nation like China: A study on finding possible solutions to this problem
  5. What are the obstructions in executing contract laws in the US and UK
  6. Implementation of the choice theory of contracts in real-life projects: An experimental study
  7. The disadvantages of non-contractual associations in business dealings
  8. The process of changing contract law for businesses and mercantile in a state
  9. How the non-contractual relations or verbal contracts make it difficult to implement contract law
  10. The adverse effects of Brexit on contract law between the EU and the UK: An investigative study upon pre and post-Brexit results on contract laws.
  11. The link between pseudo contracts and online contracts under the influence of contract law.
  12. How the penalties work under contract law arguments in the UK
  13. The effects of covid-19 on contract law
  14. Post covid-19 changes in the contract law according to the situation
  15. Reformation of contract laws across different nations due to the covid-19
  16. The choice theory of contracts and its implicit autonomy: A detailed investigation

Rare Contract Law Research Topics

Perhaps you want something extraordinary, like rare contract law research topic ideas to impress your supervisors. Well, we can fulfill this desire of yours with our rare contract law research topic list. However, we warn you that it will be really difficult to collect an adequate amount of data when you select a rare dissertation topic. Anyway, help yourself go through this list of rare contract law research topics.

  1. The role of labor contract law in improving the economy of underdeveloped nations: An investigative study
  2. The connection of contract law with business laws: A detailed research
  3. The role of globalization and digitalization in evolving contract law: Exploring how digitalization and globalization helped bring down the barriers in contract law for efficient implementation.
  4. Is the pseudo contracts helpful in contract law: A detailed analysis
  5. Possible penalties for violating the contract law in different countries: A comparative study on the severity of the penalty for breaking the contract law in different acts
  6. The link between contract and property law: How to contract law makes things safe and secure for citizens in home-sharing scenarios
  7. The evolution of contract law after world war and how much it got changed today?
  8. Is contract law related to labor law? A study on the effects of contract law on the immigrant workforce in the US and UK
  9. The differences in contract law of the US VS the UK: A comparative study
  10. How crucial the concept of lawfulness is for the world?
  11. A debate over the origin and history of contract law in the Asian region
  12. The interference of government in changing contract laws across different countries
  13. Ethics in the contract law: A study over ethical and unethical boundaries in contract laws

Unique Contract Law Research Topics

Some students prefer unique topics in their final year research projects to impress their supervisors with astounding work. If you are thinking the same, we have a list of unique contract law research topics to help you. Have a look at this list and choose a topic that fits best with your criteria. However, know that unique topics demand more concentration and time throughout the writing journey. Thus, be ready to face the struggle of picking unique contract law research topics to succeed.

  1. How to contract law changes for giant firms and startups and why: A study to evaluate the equity of contract law in different cases
  2. A case study on all the crucial aspects of a contract law
  3. The role of good faith in contractual performance: A comparative analysis of common law and civil law systems.
  4. The doctrine of frustration in contract law: Its evolution and application in modern times.
  5. The enforceability of clickwrap agreements in electronic commerce: A critical analysis of current legal frameworks.
  6. The legal implications of force majeure clauses in international contracts: A case study of COVID-19.
  7. The limits of contractual freedom in the context of inequality of bargaining power: A critical analysis of the unconscionability doctrine.
  8. The validity and enforceability of liquidated damages clauses in commercial contracts: A comparative study of the UK and US.
  9. The role of misrepresentation in contractual disputes: A critical analysis of the impact of the Misrepresentation Act 1967.
  10. The use of exclusion clauses in consumer contracts: A comparative study of the EU and the US.
  11. The effectiveness of arbitration clauses in international contracts: A case study of the New York Convention.
  12. The legal implications of blockchain technology in smart contracts: A critical analysis of current legal frameworks.


Writing a contract law research is no different than writing any other research project. However, students get stuck choosing a good topic for their contract law dissertation. That is why most students hire professional law dissertation services to secure top grades in this crucial task. Luckily, we offered tons of contract law dissertation topics in this blog to ease things. So we believe you will not hire any academic expert or service to tackle this task. Thanks to us for saving money and time by doing professional work here.

Besides, we hope this blog helped you with your contract law dissertation topics’ journey. Also, there are probably hundreds of more available on the internet aside from this blog. Thus, if you did not find any topic worthy enough to use in your final year research task, you can continue your exploration and may see more contract law research topic ideas. Best of luck with your dissertation journey, and we hope you succeed in this crucial task.   

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