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Do All College Students Write a Dissertation?

College students have to deal with many things, such as assignments, essays, projects, external activities, and whatnot. However, these are not the only things that could cause problems. Most degree programs ask college students to write research at the end of their program to get a degree. It is the point where the trouble begins. This task daunts most college students. Even some students have to ask their friends and seniors can you Write My Dissertation For Me. No matter what happens, college students, in the end, write research, whether they seek help or not.

Every fresh college student has a lot of questions. One of the questions is whether all students have to write a research or not. Let’s help you understand what actually a college research task is and why students have to write it.

What Actually A College Research Task Is?

Perhaps you have newly joined a college and want to know about a research task. No worries, we will provide you with all the essential info. College research is a challenging task that many degree programs demand students to write in the last year of their school. If it is included in your degree program, you cannot earn a degree without completing it. Also, it comes alongside a huge deadline of a year or two.

Besides, perhaps you are curious to know what students have to do in a research task. Well, they have to choose a topic from their academic field and conduct intensive research about their targeted topic. Afterward, they will have to present logical findings that may contribute something to the industry. Only this way, their supervisors would approve their research work. This process is not as easy as I explained, as it was just an overview of what a research process looks like.

Does Every College Student Need to Write a Research?

When some years pass by for college students, they start to think about whether they will have to write research. Perhaps you have heard many rumors about a research task, such as whether it is compulsory, etc. However, the truth is that not every college student has to write a research task to earn a degree. Only the ones who have a thesis included in their degree program have to write it.

There are now two types of degree programs, thesis, and non-thesis. In a non-thesis degree program, students do not need to submit a research task to complete their program. Instead, they have to take more classes or earn more credit hours to earn a degree. Also, in most cases, they have to submit a capstone upon completion of the program. Perhaps you are wondering what a capstone program is. Well, you can call it a final assignment in simple words. This final task aims to prepare students for the world of work.

Capstone VS Research Task

Now you know that some college students are safe from the grasp of the daunting research task. Perhaps now you want to know further about the difference between a capstone and a research task. Well, in most degree programs, college students have to write a research task for completion. In their research project, they have to choose a topic and conduct thorough research and give helpful insights.

On the other hand, some students choose a degree program that is non-thesis, in which they do not have to worry about writing a lengthy research task. However, it does not mean they are safe from a final project. Instead, they have to deal with a capstone, a term used to define the final task of a non-thesis program. A capstone is still far better than a thesis for students who do not like to write a lot or wants to be more practical.

College students, most of those who study computer science, choose non-thesis programs. Why? Because they are best at practical work. For example, by enrolling in a non-thesis degree program, they will have to deal with a capstone. In this task, a computer science student can create helpful software instead of writing a 50,000 words paper.

Which One Is Right For You?

The above sections clearly answered your question about whether all college students write research or not. Also, you saw an alternative thesis in case you do not like to write. Now, I believe you are confused between the thesis and non-thesis degree programs. Well, if this is the case, we can help you clear your mind. Let’s help you find out which one is suitable for you.

Most students do not like to write a lot. It is okay to write when you have to write a thousand words essays. However, when it comes to writing a 50,000 words research paper, writing becomes a nightmare. Thus, to ease things for students, academic researchers brought the idea of capstone to the education system. This idea offers a more suitable variant of a final project for students who want to be practical rather than writing thousands of words. If you are from one of them, a non-thesis variant is a perfect fit.

Although, the decision is yours to make. You now have info on both thesis and non-thesis programs. If you want to get more industry experience and dodge paperwork, I suggest choosing a non-thesis degree program. Also, if you are not good at writing, this option is ideal for you.


If you are new to college life, I prefer you to enjoy and focus on other academic tasks. You do not have to worry about a research task right now because they are much more to worry about. Anyway, I hope this article has offered you helpful information about college students and their struggle with writing a dissertation.

Also, know that you can get help to write a brilliant research task. So do not think you will be alone, writing daunting research at the end of the program to earn a degree. Like many other students who hire academic experts and ask them to Do My Dissertation For Me. Thus, stressing about a research task right now is unnecessary for you.

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