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Employment Law Dissertation Topics With Examples

If you have a dissertation pending, you must be worried about finishing it before the deadline. Well, every other student thinks the same, but very few of them actually make it to the finish line timely. Although, writing a dissertation is a complicated task, especially if your field of study is rare, like law. Students struggle immensely while writing a law dissertation, even some of them hire academic experts for professional assistance. Perhaps you too are thinking to ask an expert to help me write my law dissertation. If so, we can help you with this crucial task and save you money.

The difficulty of a dissertation task highly depends upon topic selection. If your chosen topic is good, it means you just reduce half its complexity. On the other hand, if your topic selection is poor, things can get out of hand. Therefore, you should spend adequate time choosing a topic for your law dissertation. If you have no idea about topics, this article will offer a wide variety of employment law dissertation topics to ease things. So be worry-free and focus on reading this article till the end to help yourself.

Top Employment Law Research Topics  

When it comes to topic selection for a dissertation, you have unending space in front of you. In simple words, you will never run out of topics to perform intensive research on. However, you may get stuck while finding good topics if you choose poor ways. Luckily, we are here to assist you with this problem by offering tons of impeccable employment law research topics. So let’s get to the point and show the list of some top employment law research topics to give you a jumpstart.

  1. The evolution of employment rights throughout the centuries: A historical study
  2. A study on the legal status of the description of how agency workers’ employment rights
  3. The importance of employment right in the contemporary world
  4. The potential trendy issues happening within the employment law sector and their best possible solutions.
  5. Does promoting flexibility in the workplace come within employment law? An investigative study on the rights of employees
  6. Employment laws and regulations in the UK and the US: The evolution of the employment law sector after the industrialization
  7. Standards in employment status: How employment law eliminates class/status among employees?
  8. Ethical and unethical employment law: What makes employment laws unlawful?
  9. The impact of the US practice of “firing at will” on the employment community
  10. The improvement in the rights of disabled employees after the Equality Act 2010 till now
  11. Employment law and its link with religion
  12. The relation between employment law and Equality Act 2010
  13. How diversified religions influence employment law: Compare and contrast
  14. The influence of Brexit on the UK employment protocols
  15. How is the employment law in the UK tackling the increase in child labor?
  16. A study on the employment rules and laws in the US and UK’s automotive industries?

Rare Employment Law Research Topics

The above section contained a list of top employment law research topics. However, if you did not find them worthy enough to work on, we have another list of some rare employment law research ideas that can help you impress your supervisors. Therefore, have a look at this list and try to find a topic that fits best with your criteria.

  1. How does the employment law in the UK support Islamic head coverings and business clothing in the work environment? Do Muslims actually get their rights?
  2. The employment law behind unfairly firing employees due to false accusation
  3. Investigative research on job security with the perspective of employment law in the UK and US
  4. How employment law combat racial prejudice on a firm’s reputation: An explorative study on the UK labor legislation
  5. The potential penalties for job discrimination
  6. How does employment law save employees from racism in the UK?
  7. The possible actions to take in line with employment law over employee misbehavior
  8. Challenges that a foreign worker faces in the UK due to the employment rules
  9. Defending women’s rights with the help of employment law in the UK
  10. What does employment law say about employee selection standards in the UK
  11. The significance of employment law in social work
  12. The link between employment and faith in the UK: An explorative research
  13. Post-Brexit effects on the employment laws of the UK: An intensive research
  14. The necessity of child labor protocols across the world: The best possible approaches to address the increase in child labor
  15. Investigative research on employment laws and regulations in the UK and the US
  16. Does the UK possess the most versatile employment law for foreign worker
  17. The sudden rise in child labor across the world

Common Employment Law Research Topics

Perhaps you are the one who likes things as simple as possible, which is good. If you want to choose a common employment law research topic for your dissertation to reduce its difficulty, we can help you. Common topics are not hard to find, so here is a list of some general employment law research topics that may catch your interest.

  1. The connection of trade with morality in the UK: An explorative study
  2. How does employment law relate to business law: Compare and contrast
  3. The significance of employment in sports departments
  4. How employment law helps businesses take better decisions
  5. How the European nations struggle with their employment laws in the digital world?
  6. The effects of digitalization on employment laws: Does employment laws implement in a virtual environment?
  7. The deployment of civil responsibility service in the UK and its effects on employment regulations
  8. Employment lawmakers: The making of employment regulations on the basis of business requirements and principles
  9. Employment laws related to benefits and rights insurance systems in the EU
  10. Inequity in the employment sector in the UK and the US
  11. The impact of the gig economy on employment law: A comparative study of the United States and the United Kingdom.
  12. Discrimination in the workplace: An analysis of the effectiveness of employment law in preventing discrimination based on age, gender, and race.
  13. The role of trade unions in protecting workers’ rights: An examination of the legal framework in the European Union.
  14. The impact of Brexit on employment law in the United Kingdom: A critical analysis of the changes to employment law post-Brexit.
  15. The legal and ethical implications of social media in the workplace: An analysis of the impact on privacy, discrimination, and harassment.

Unique Employment Law Research Topics

Are you looking to secure 100% chances to impress your supervisors with your employment law dissertation? If so, probably unique topics can save the day. Luckily, we have a fitting list of unique employment law research topics for you.

  1. Whistleblowing and the law: A comparative study of the legal protections for whistleblowers in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  2. Employment law and artificial intelligence: An examination of the legal and ethical implications of AI in the workplace.
  3. The right to privacy in the workplace: An analysis of the extent of employee privacy rights and employer monitoring practices under employment law.
  4. The impact of COVID-19 on employment law: A critical analysis of the changes to employment law during the pandemic.
  5. Physical harassment in the workplace: An analysis of the effectiveness of employment law in preventing and addressing all types of harassment.
  6. An analysis of the legal obligations of employers in managing workplace safety and health in the UK.
  7. The impact of Brexit on UK employment law: a comparative study of employment laws pre and post-Brexit.
  8. A critical analysis of the effectiveness of UK laws in addressing gender-based pay discrimination.
  9. The legal and ethical implications of remote work on employment law in the UK.
  10. An investigation into the laws governing the termination of employment in the UK and their impact on employee rights.
  11. A critical analysis of the role of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission in protecting employees against discrimination in the workplace.
  12. The impact of artificial intelligence on employment law in the UK: A legal and ethical analysis.
  13. An analysis of the laws and policies governing maternity and paternity leave in the UK.
  14. A comparative study of the legal frameworks governing employee privacy rights in the UK and the European Union.


We hope you do not think to ask an expert to help me do my law dissertation at this point. This article offered uncountable employment law research topics with different difficulties. If you pick one of those topics, we guarantee you can impress your supervisors. However, you may find more topics on the internet in case you did not find any topics from this blog helpful. Anyway, devoting some time searching for an ideal topic is far better than paying money to an academic expert who will eventually do the same for you.

Besides, we wish you the best of luck with your employment law dissertation. Know that the key to impressing your supervisors is hard work and sensible decision-making. Thus, ensure to be responsible for this crucial task. Securing good scores in a dissertation task is vital for a better career. So, do whatever is necessary to impress your supervisors to have a comfortable life ahead.

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