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Environmental Law Dissertation Topics

The natural world, our environment, is getting polluted day by day. As a human, it is our duty to keep mother nature safe for us, for our future generations, and for the other living organisms walking in this environment. There are many human beings who work hard to keep our environment protected but every coin has 2 sides; the other side of humans don’t bother to even think about doing the necessary things to keep the environment safe and keep committing the crime of hurting mother nature. Like every other crime, to keep the environment crime in control, the world has accepted a few laws called, environmental laws. In modern times when data on every action has been recorded and presented in front of the world, the data on environmental pollution has also been shared by WHO, states (every year);

  • 24% estimated global deaths linked to the environment
  • 3.2 million deaths occur due to exposure to indoor smoke from cooking fuels
  • 4.2 million deaths due to exposure to fine particulate matter
  • More than 57,000 women living near major roadways are affected by breast cancer

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6 Most Influential Environmental Law Dissertation Topics

Dissertation writing is a long and tiring process that needs continuous research, before the topic selection, during for the data gathering purpose, and after for the result analysis. And to be very honest, no student has this much time in their hand nowadays. With the help of this blog first hurdle of your research journey could be passed easily. How? You get to know the most trendy and futuristic topics about and related to environmental law dissertations. Keep reading fella!

  • Environmental Law and Health

Environment affects the health sector the most, if we count it on the scale, Air pollution, in all forms, is responsible for more than 6.5 million deaths each year globally. The following could be the topics for your dissertation;

  • Impact On Public Health By Regulation Of Toxic Substances In Consumer Products

In this topic, you can explore the harmful substances that affect people’s health. Provide suggestions to reduce the health risks from exposure to dangerous chemicals.

  • Challenges Faced By Legal Authorities For Medical Waste Management

Explore the challenges faced during the medical wastage process. Suggest the ideas and framework handle waste management for legal authorities.

  • Health Implications By The Air Quality Standards

Tell how air quality is affecting the health. Inspect the current rules and tell some healthy ways to make them stronger.

  • Environmental Law and Business

Business is the second most affected field by environmental crime, and it is one of those fields that never suffers alone but makes every other linked field suffer the same. You can use these topics to help your business field presently and for the future as well;

  • Policies And Compliance With Corporate Environmental Responsibilities

Here you can check how well businesses follow environmental rules. You can also cross-check if the current rules are working according to make businesses more responsible for the environment.

  • Strategies For Carbon Trading And Emission Reduction And Their Implications

Examine how businesses are trying to reduce carbon emissions. Tell better strategies for businesses to help both the business and the environment.

  • Regulation And Promotion Of Green Business

Explore how businesses encourage eco-friendly practices. Suggest ways to make eco-friendly rules stronger and help more businesses go green.

  • Environmental Law and Education

Getting an education is already difficult for many of the students, and when any environmental changes happen, the first thing that gets closed down is schools and colleges. This creates a huge hurdle for students, and to address this issue, you can write on the following topic;

  • Integrating Environmental Education Into School Curricula

Tell ways to include lessons about the environment in school curricula. Also, you give some suggestions for about to talk about environmental topics in different classes.

  • Environmental Rights Of Future Generations

Check out the rights of future generations and suggest ways to protect the rights of future students to learn, even when the environment is changing.

  • Role Of Environmental Law In Shaping Environmental Awareness In Educational Institutions

Explore how laws about the environment influence the learning process. Tell how these laws help students and teachers become more aware of environmental issues.

  • Environmental Law and Technology

Although technology is something that is seen as the future of every problem, when any claustrophobic environment event occurs, it first-hand affects the technology by destroying every data storage and internet access. Choose from these topics to make your dissertation;

  • The Emergence Of Environmental Technologies And The Challenges

Tell about the development of new technologies for tackling environmental problems. Tell about the limitations, and how they can solve environmental issues.

  • Liability For Environmental Harm Caused By Technology

Look into cases where technology causes environmental problems and how the law handled it. Suggest ways to make sure technology advances in a way that’s good for the environment.

  • Data Privacy And Environmental Monitoring

Explore how the data collected for monitoring the environment might affect your privacy. Look at the rules we have now and suggest ways to watch the environment without invading people’s privacy.

  • Environmental Law and International Relations

The world revolves around relations and these relations are based on trade, but there is a culprit that stops the trade – environmental chaos. To address the issues and challenges faced by the trades during and after any episode of climate change, you can research the following topics;

  • Protection Of Biodiversity In International Waters

Explore what problems there are in preserving sea life. Come up with ideas and rules to better take care of marine life around the world.

  • The Role Of International Courts In Resolving Environmental Disputes

Check out the situations where problems with the environment cause fights between countries or groups. Suggest ways of using international laws to make the better.

  • International Cooperation On Transboundary Environmental Pollution

Explore cases where pollution affects more than one country and see how well countries work together to solve these problems. Come up with ways to make sure countries cooperate.

  • Environmental Law and Urban Planning

Another highly affected zone is urban areas. When any climate change occurs, it first-handly destroys the urban areas of any country. To keep these areas safe and secure, people need to address the issues faced after any climatic chaos. The following could be the topics for your research on urban areas.

  • Development Of Zoning Laws And Urban Green Spaces

Here you can explore about rules making of land in cities, parks & green areas are planned. Also, you can inspect their impact on city growth. Suggest ways for new rules-making & adding more green spaces.

  • Managing Urban Water Resources And Lessons From Global Cities

Explore the water handling techniques of different cities, worldwide. Find ways of managing water in cities, especially with climate changes. Give suggestions for better water handling in cities.

  • The Role Of Environmental Impact Assessments In Urban Planning

Here you can explore city projects affecting the environment to help plan cities. Tell how these assessments make cities more sustainable and ready for changes. Find ways to make these assessments even more important when planning cities.

Wrapping up,

By seeing the data, it can be said that environmental changes play a huge role in worldly matters, and this is high time we should start talking about it. By addressing the problems faced by the world due to climate chaos and environmental changes in your dissertation, you can not only pass your thesis but also play a huge role in the development of any futuristic environmental law. While writing an impactful dissertation you can also take law dissertation help from My Dissertations and make your journey easy and impactful.

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