Human connections are those special threads that weave the story of every person’s life. Or you can think of them as the stars that create a special pattern in the sky and light up the whole world when aligned together. Be it one random moment that stayed with us or someone who has been a lasting part, these connections stay like separate chapters that bring joy in the book of our life. We tie our bond stronger with something extraordinary every day. It could be a moment of quiet talk or the sound of laughter, and our connection keeps getting bigger and stronger. However, there are some moments and incidents in our lives that weaken these bonds and relationships. While some connections come out of those helpless moments and start living their life with new beginnings, some people cannot pass through the trauma and vulnerability. And then these defenseless connections come to the court to get some closure.

Being a lawyer is never easy, and when you have to defend human relations as a family lawyer, the game difficulty level goes up too hard. To become a good family lawyer you must attain your law degree with good grades and practice. To get good grades you must submit your law dissertation that is most influential and related to the law of the UK. However, writing a dissertation like this is not easy for every student, thus My Dissertations provides a complete dissertation writing service for all law students who want to get their degree and start their career as soon as possible. In this blog, you can read some of the most impactful family law dissertation topics gathered for your help by our expert team members.


According to a recent survey, an estimated 42% of relationships have ended in divorce in the UK. This high ratio of ending a relationship and losing a human connection means that those related to these bonds have also suffered a lot during the trial process. To make sure that those linked with a connection or marriage that is going to end, should get the deserving and fair amount of legal help from their lawyer, they need to hire a good family lawyer. If you are the one who thinks you can provide complete support and help to the one in need, with empathy and legal counseling, then you must clear your law degree as soon as possible with good grades and start serving the world. Let’s look at the topics divided on the main areas of family law;

  • Matrimonial Law

This section is related to the marriage complications that result in divorce. Division of finance and property and to keep those divisions intact after the separation of the couple. While writing a dissertation based on this section you can focus on the change of rules and regulations related to these matters over time and their impact on the concerned persons.

  • Evolution Of Marital Property Rights Over Time

Aim: Explore the changes in marital property rights that have happened over time and analyze their legal understandings.

  • Influence Of Religious And Cultural Factors On Divorce In Different Societies

Aim: Analyse the role of culture and religion on the grounds for divorce. Suggest some measures to reduce the impact of these factors on marriage.

  • Finance And Property

This section involves money matters. Here you focus on and research about division of wealth, finance, and property, between a couple during the divorce. This part is mostly tricky, especially for those marriages where a large amount of wealth is involved from one or both parties. The main purpose of learning this section is to provide equal legal help to both parties.

  • Importance Of Spousal Maintenance In Modern Society

Aim: Examine the relevance and effectiveness of spousal maintenance in modern society according to law while keeping the gender and economic factors in focus.

  • Legal And Ethical Consideration Of Asset Division And Economic Abuse

Aim: Analyse the legal frameworks of asset divisions, keeping economic abuse in the picture. Identify the gaps and suggest measures to protect these issues.

  • Child Law

In this section, the focus lies on children who suffer during the separation of their parents. Here you can explore and analyze the challenges faced by the parents for their children’s custody, the decision-making process, and the legality of the rights of children during and after the separation of their parents. You can suggest some futuristic and humanitarian suggestions for making this separation trial a little easier for the kids and protecting their legal rights.

  • Role Of Child Advocates In Family Courts And Their Effect On Child Justice

Aim: Analyse the role and effectiveness of legal representation for children during the court proceedings. Suggest some measures for getting better results for children.

  • Effect On Child Custody In The Context Of Drug Abuse – Legal Authorities & Rehabilitation Policies

Aim: Monitor the effect caused by substance abuse during and after child custody. Suggest the role of legal authorities while providing rehabilitation measures.

  • Domestic Violence

The most difficult section of family law is domestic violence. In this portion you have to see the continuous harm caused by either one party or both, it could be physical, emotional, mental, verbal, or financial abuse. Here you can find ways to keep the affected ones safe and secure while providing the basic rights and necessities to them and to put the culprit in front of the justice system of the country.

  • Domestic Violence’s Consequences Faced By Immigrants And Their Legal Rights

Aim: Examine the consequences faced by immigrants by the domestic violence. Suggest some policies to provide a safe way out from domestic abuse and to access their legal rights.

  • Impact Of Cyber Harassment And Online Stalking On The Victim Of Domestic Abuse

Aim: Explore how technology is playing a part in domestic abuse by providing access to online harassment. Suggest some policies to protect the victim’s identity and respect.

  • Guardianship

This is the section where the law plays a crucial role in giving the custody of a child. This happens when the parents can not decide or compromise on the guardianship of their child, and also when no parents are available for this job. Lawmakers make sure that the child goes to the legally right and deserved parent. If custody is given to any other person, the law is to keep track of the guardian and child protection.

  • Effect On Adult Mental And Emotional Health During And After The Guardianship Trial Period

Aim: Examine the challenges faced during adult guardianship. Propose a balanced policy to respect the law and address the adult’s vulnerabilities.

  • Legal Rights Over The Guardianship Of Mentally Disabled Individuals

Aim: Analyse the implications of human rights for the guardianship of mentally disabled individuals. Suggest some legal policies and reforms for the protection of their rights and dignity.

  • Child Abuse And Neglect

No, it is not the same children subsection that we have discussed before. This section consists of those vulnerabilities faced by children in the name of abuse and neglect. The law takes action for those children who suffer from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse from family or any other person. Here you can analyse the role of the legal system in providing the safeguard for these defenseless children while protecting their identity. 

  • Challenges Faced In Family Courts While Addressing Child Abuse

Aim: Analyse the challenges and the legal response of the family courts in addressing child abuse cases. Provide suggestions for the safety and well-being of the child.

  • Role Of Technology In Child Exploitation – Strategies For Prevention And Prosecution

Aim: Assess the legal framework for the prevention of child prosecution and exploitation facilitated by technology. Suggest how legal authorities must play their part in stopping this.

Family law is a vast field with the scope of protecting rights and providing justice to the most vulnerable ones. However, while fighting for such cases, the advocate must be able to handle the stress and emotional damage caused by and during the trial sessions of any cases. To handle the stress, you need to practice as hard as you can during your internship period. But to enter that phase, you better clear your LA degree first. To complete your law degree, get help from My Dissertations for your getting your law dissertation on time. Submit it and get ready to enter your professional life.

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