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Film Studies Dissertation Topics

Choosing a topic for your film studies dissertation is a big deal. It’s a moment where you get to pick what you want to explore, but it’s also important to take it seriously. Doing a project in film studies isn’t just about watching movies; it’s about going deep into history, ideas, how movies are made, and how they show what’s going on in our society. It’s like uncovering the stories people tell through movies. This guide is here to give you lots of cool ideas for projects that are important now and will always be in the future. It’s meant to get you excited about studying movies and maybe even making your own someday!

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  1. Looking Back in Time with Movies

Learning about film history is like going on a time travel adventure. It helps us understand how movies have changed over time and fit into our world’s history. Here are some exciting things you can study:

  • How Movie Types Have Changed: From the very first moving pictures to the amazing storytelling we see in today’s films, there are many different kinds of movies, or “genres”. You could look at how one genre, like Westerns, started or see how favourite genres, like coming-of-age stories, have changed to match what’s happening in the world.
  • How Big Events Shape Movies: Big events like wars and revolutions or big changes in society leave their mark on movies. They can push directors to make new kinds of films or use different ways of telling stories. Your project could look at how times of conflict have changed the stories movies tell and the way they look or how peaceful times have brought out new trends and ways of expressing ideas.
  1. How Movies Show Our Culture

Movies are like mirrors that show us what our culture looks like. They can also change how we see things and help us understand different people’s experiences. This could be a great area to study, especially when looking at how movies show race, gender, and different ethnic groups. Here are some ideas:

  • How Movies Show Gender, Race, and Ethnicity: By looking closely at famous movies, we can learn a lot about how they show or challenge stereotypes. You could look at how characters and stories have changed over time to tell a wider range of stories.
  • How Cultural Movements Change Movies: Different cultural and artistic movements, like the French New Wave or the Dogme 95 movement, have made a big impact on movies. Your project could look at how these movements started, what they wanted to change or celebrate, and how they left a lasting mark on the movie industry.
  1. Studying Movies: Using Different Ways to Understand Them

Writing a project on film studies is a great way to use what you’ve learned about film theory and apply it to understanding movies. There are many ways to do this:

  • Using Different Theories to Understand Movies: There are many different ways to look at movies, from using psychology to feminist theory. By applying these different views to films, you can uncover lots of different meanings. Your project could show how these theories help us understand the many layers of movie stories.
  • Looking at the Ideas of Famous Film Thinkers: You can learn a lot by studying the works of famous film theorists like Andre Bazin, Sergei Eisenstein, and Laura Mulvey. By breaking down their ideas, you can understand different ways of looking at movies and even add your own thoughts to the conversation.
  1. Technology and Movies: The Digital Change

The world of movies is changing fast because of new technologies. Each new invention leaves a lasting change in how movies are made. If you love both tech and films, this is a great area to study:

  • How Technology Changes the Movie Industry: Things like sound, colour, 3D, and computer-generated images (CGI) have all changed how movies look and sound. Your project could look at how these technologies were introduced and used and how they’ve changed the way movies look, cost, and tell stories.
  • How Going Digital Changes Making Movies: As we move towards a more digital world, it’s changing how movies are made, shared, and even shown. New filmmakers are using digital tools to tell new kinds of stories and mix up the lines between big-budget and independent films. Your project could map out this change and point out its most interesting developments.
  1. Movies Around the World: More Than Just Hollywood

While Hollywood is a big part of modern movie-making, there are lots of other places around the world making great movies, too. This topic invites students to look beyond Hollywood and explore movies from all over:

  • Looking at How Movies Developed Around the World: Each place has its own unique movie history that’s deeply connected to its culture, past, and artistic tastes. Your project could look into how movies have grown in a certain continent, country, or even city, helping us understand and appreciate the differences in international cinema.
  • Seeing How International Movies Influence Local Film Industries: Movies from different countries not only change how films are made but also create a global language of cinema. Your project could look at the give-and-take relationship between Hollywood and other movie industries or how the success of foreign films affects local standards and economies.
  1. Current Topics: Changing Movie Industry

The movie industry is always changing, bringing up new topics that need to be studied. This area is for those who are interested in what’s happening in the industry right now:

  • Looking at Current Discussions and Controversies in the Movie Industry: There are many heated topics like diversity and inclusion or how streaming services are affecting traditional movie distribution. These are all things happening in the movie world right now that deserve a closer look. Your project could provide a detailed analysis of these issues, offering new viewpoints and possible solutions.
  • Studying the Role of Social Media and Streaming Platforms: The rise of social media and platforms like Netflix has changed how we watch movies and how they’re made and promoted. Your project could look into what this digital shift means, such as how it’s made it easier for more people to create content, split audiences into smaller groups, and led to stories being influenced by algorithms.


These ideas are here to help you. Think hard about how each topic fits with what you’re interested in, what people are talking about in film studies, and what new things you can bring to the table. Your dissertation is like your first big movie in the world of film studies. At My Dissertations, we offer dissertation proposal help to make the process easier for you.

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