Google Introduces ChatGPT-like ChatBot for Healthcare

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Google Introduces ChatGPT-like ChatBot for Healthcare

If you ever worry about the AI taking over the world, there is no need. This is because this has already happened and we are doing just fine! AI dominates all areas of our lives but only to support us and make our tasks easier. We have come as far as having the option to drop in our write my essay requests and get connected with essay writers within seconds. Back in the day, we would have to do everything manually but that is not the case anymore, all thanks to the blessing of technology.

This technology benefits companies and organizations too as they don’t have to employ people to answer every single customer. The same job can be done by bots, reducing the job of customer representatives in all industries. Nowadays, we are witnessing an amazing advancement in this area that is changing the game for the healthcare sector. Let’s check out what this advancement is right away!

Introducing A New Feature:

Google Research and DeepMind are introducing a new AI tool called MultiMedQA. This is supposed to be a large open-source language model that will be useful in the medical field. It uses HealthSearchQA along with six existing open-question answering datasets. The HealthSearchQA is a new free-response dataset of medical questions that people look for online. And the datasets cover professional medical exams, research, and consumer questions. This technology also helps with human model responses and other areas including factuality, precision, potential harm, and bias.

In all, it provides datasets for short and long questions that anyone within or outside the field may ask. This will include medical topic datasets for MedQA, MedMCQA, PubMedQA, LiveQA, MedicationQA, and MMLU.

The addition of HealthSearchQA to this is for the improvement of results. This dataset has around 3375 questions that people generally ask gathered using seed medical diagnoses and their related symptoms. So any user who would enter the seed question would get to see the frequently asked questions similar to their query.

The Role Of PaLM

PaLm is playing a key role to help develop this model. PaLM is a 540 billion parameter Large Language Model. They also used its instruction-tuned variation Flan-PaLM to check the LLMs using MultiMedQA. This tool works by combining few-shot, chain-of-thought (CoT), and self-consistency prompting techniques. It is stronger than many LLM baselines by a large margin. In fact, studies show that FLAN-PaLM performs over 17% better on the MedQA dataset of USMLE questions than others.

Hence it is clear that Med-PaLM performs better compared to Flan-PaLM. However, it still has yet to outperform a human medical expert’s judgment. A great example to understand this is the finding of doctors who said that 92.6% of the Med-PaLM responses are on par with the clinician-generated answers (92.9%). Although, only 61.9% of the long-form Flan-PaLM answers are in line with the scientific agreement. In fact, they even revealed that like Flan-PaLM, 5.8% of Med-PaLM answers can potentially contribute to bad consequences. This is much less than the contribution by clinician-generated answers which is 6.5%. Although this percentage is much higher for Flan-PaLM answers, this is 29.7%. You can also find stats for these results online to study the details of these results.

Google For Healthcare

You will find Google announcing its collaboration with Apollo Hospitals in India by exploring the Google for India 2022 event. The purpose of this collaboration is to improve the use of deep learning models in x-rays and for other diagnostic reasons. Google is the first tech giant to collaborate with several hospitals to promote the use of AI-driven solutions.

In addition to this, Microsoft is also collaborating with the OpenAI team to use GPT-3 for effective teamwork between employees and clinicians. This project aims to improve the efficiency of healthcare teams with LLM technology.

A recent attempt at development in this area is by the Meta AI in November 2022. They introduced Galactica to support academic researchers by producing broad literature reviews and Wiki entries on any given subject. However, their project could not succeed because of the unreliable results.

Another technology in this sector is getting released by Meta AI which will surely take you by surprise. This is a complex natural language game that they like to call Diplomacy. For this game, they came up with a tool called CICERO that combines natural language processing and strategic reasoning. The surprising part is that in this game, the AI can beat any humans on the website. The AI would usually outperform all the human players by more than two to one ratio.

The Overall Impact Of AI

Artificial is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide and the healthcare sector is no exception to this. We are using AI in our daily lives and so are huge healthcare organizations. AI is not only just answering the commonly asked healthcare questions on the internet. People in the industry are also using it to give accurate diagnoses, possibly better than a human expert. Although doctors and people in healthcare need not have to worry about losing their jobs to AI.

The whole point of all these developments is to make things easier for people within this field. The main goal is efficiency and accurate results, not the replacement of humans. A great example is a recent pandemic where we got to see the effects of understaffed healthcare centers and hospitals. Hence these advancements aim to assist practitioners and ease their load for them, making their jobs easier. Moreover, it also bridges the gap between patients and clinical teams for better collaboration and assistance.


So there you go, this blog should be enough to keep you updated with the recent progress in healthcare. At least for now! Although these developments are not going to stop as the year 2022 comes to an end. In fact, you can only expect to witness great progress from here onwards, considering the pace of these developments. If this subject happens to be the topic of your essay and you require more information, no worries. Simply leave your write my essay for me request on our website and our experts will assist you from the start till the end of your essay. Good luck!

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