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How Can I Write My Dissertation Faster And Simpler?

What comes to your mind when you think about a dissertation task? Probably tons of work and months of effort, right? That is true. Most students spend around a year working on their research projects, and it is normal. This task can devour the motivation and devotion of students. Why? Because most students want to get rid of their academic tasks quickly. Meanwhile, a dissertation demands months of work. Even students often use online academic writing assistance services like Someone Write My Dissertation Cheap to complete their research timely.

You might be think what makes a dissertation this much lengthier. Well, there are many factors that stop students from progressing. The case is different with different people. Some students complain they cannot focus on a single task for months. On the other hand, some people say they cannot simply gather enough data to conduct their research.

Obstacle during the Dissertation Process

There is no doubt that the majority of students start working on their research projects with immense devotion. They plan to complete it within a month or two, but a dissertation is not an easy-to-handle task. The huge research project is a motivation eater. Students often lose motivation in the middle of the process. There are plenty of phases in a research project, such as planning, research, writing, editing, etc. They stand as a complex challenge.

Remember, no matter how hard it may seem, you must go through it. Facing obstacles does not mean giving up. I assure you that the results will be very worthwhile. Thus, let me share some of the obstacles you may face during the process.


Students love to work on their coursework at the last instant. Undoubtedly, students perform better when they do not have enough time to complete a specific task. However, it does not always work. Therefore, many students think they can work on the research project a month before hitting the deadline. Sadly, they end up procrastinating and regretting their decision.

So delaying the task is the most common obstacle among students. It becomes a big problem later. Since a dissertation requires months of effort, you cannot simply complete it in one week. Therefore, procrastination is the first thing you need to get over.

Lack of Research

Some students spend insufficient time researching their topic. Thus, they end up with a lack of information. It works vice versa. The more you spend time researching, the more you can collect data for your research. Therefore, do not think you need a few relevant resources to perform your research method. Give the researching phase adequate time and extract information from every essential resource.

Poor Writing Skills

Students must possess excellent writing skills to translate their ideas for the audience. A dissertation comes with a strict set of academic writing rules. So there is no margin of writing mistakes and poor writing approach. Even a poor topic works well if you write it in the proper structure, style, and language. Thus, make sure your writing skills match the criteria of writing a research project. Else, you can hire professional academic writers to do that for you.

Tips to Write a Dissertation Faster

If you are thinking to write a whole dissertation in two weeks, change your mind. Normally, most students take around a year to complete this task. However, you can, in the best way, complete it in one month. For example, an average student can write 2,000 per day. Now, if you calculate further, a dissertation has a length of 12,000 words. Therefore, if it is only about writing, you could have completed it within a week. However, a research project includes different phases, such as researching, writing, editing, and many more.

So you just need a good plan. It will lead you closer to the completion of a research project within a month. Moreover, many students have done it before, winding up their research projects in just a month. Strong devotion can help you achieve anything.

Besides, some guidance can help you write a dissertation faster and in a simple way. This article is all you need to plan efficiently. However, remember there is less or no space for entertainment if you want to complete the research faster. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing a dissertation faster way.

Identify Your Dissertation Requirements

Most students neglect this factor by thinking their research requirements would be normal and follow a standard structure. However, it is essential to consider every single detail from the requirements. It can reduce a lot of obstacles throughout the process. Remember, some schools ask students to alter their research work according to their criteria.

Opt For an Interesting Topic

An interesting topic can make the whole process easier. Sometimes, students rush while selecting a topic and end up with a theme out of their domain. It makes it even harder to survive in the research project. So choosing an interesting topic is necessary and can help you in the long run.

Also, make sure what type of research you want to perform. For example, there are various research performing methods, such as quantitative, qualitative, or mixed. Thus, knowing what you want to perform beforehand can help you plan things efficiently.

Plan Smartly

A student alone can write a whole dissertation in a month if they plan smartly. You need to assign enough days to different phases of research. For example, devote a week to researching and gathering data for your research topic. Afterward, spend two weeks on the methodology chapter, explaining why you choose this method, etc. Lastly, the last week of the month is for editing, proofreading, and citation.

Planning smartly will help you collect relevant data, figures, resources, and every essential thing. This way, you will not get stuck at any point during writing your research projects. Remember, do not start writing without adequate information. That is why I suggested devoting a week to researching in the above paragraph. Once you are done gathering essentials for your research, you can start the writing process.

Therefore, if you plan smartly, you can deal with a dissertation task in a simple and faster way. You may still encounter plenty of issues this way too. However, a smart plan is a simple way to reduce the difficulty and hard work.


I believe now you can complete your research project faster and in simpler ways. The above information works well with every standard of research. Thus, whether you are a master’s or Ph.D. student, following the above guide respectively can help you ease the process. Else, if you face a lot of burdens during the research process, remember that you can get help. So do not overthink that Can Someone Do My Dissertation. Instead, be like the students I mentioned in the introduction, as they use writing services to make things convenient.

Also, you should never hesitate to ask for help from your supervisors. They are always up for help, and you will not annoy them, so do not worry. Besides, a research project is not a task to delay. Thus, start working on it as earlier as you can. This way, you will get plenty of benefits later. Now, go try your best shot.

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