How Covid-19 Has Affected an Entire Generation of Students

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How Covid-19 Has Affected an Entire Generation of Students

It has been more than 1.5 years now but the situation is almost the same. The situation is deteriorating in some countries with cases increasing exponentially while some countries are Covid-19 free. Though all of these have faced a great economic and social crisis, the students are highly affected by the situation. The entire generation has been struck down and they have faced a huge academic loss. Getting accustomed to online classes was a major breakthrough but the productivity fall.

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Factors That Have Affected The Students During Covid-19

These factors depend on the country, as the situation is quite different everywhere. Every country has faced a different level of damage so the problems they face can be negligible or worse.

Physical Health

Covid-19 is affecting students very harshly. When a student is covid positive, health is affected badly and his focus towards studies is shifted as obviously health becomes first priority. Many students got the virus from their schools and institutions which was the fastest way in which the virus spread across the country.

The physical health of the people and students has deteriorated during these tough times. Some children aren’t receiving enough food and are suffering from malnutrition while some are exploiting their diet and eating all the junk they can while they are at home. This is creating an imbalance in overall body growth. A person becomes lazy and lethargic when the appetite grows and this leads to a lack of focus on studies.

Mental Health

The mind is the major source that enables a student to study. The mental health of a student should be perfect to capture and process all the information provided. Due to this virus, the students are unable to focus on their studies and their minds are distracted by many other situations which are of even more priority.

Many families faced financial issues which affected their mental health and also their children. Some were unable to pay the school fees of their children’s and the student had to drop out. The mental health of students studying abroad was affected badly as they were unable to return to their families due to the ban on air travel. Staying away from their families in these tough times had a drastic effect on the mental health of the students.  


Due to Covid-19, many businesses stopped and many employees had to lose their jobs. They weren’t getting any pay while their usual costs were growing. The instability caused many financial issues which in terms cause the students to get disturbed. Online classes were proposed which also burdened the families as smartphones and devices needed to be bought apart from the tuition fees.

Risk Factors

Students are losing their interaction with their friends as they have to stay home and take classes and do everything online. These proposals were imposed as the risk factors kept increasing. The student interactions were decreased which led to the fall of cases.


Study gaps make the student forget what he had learned there will be a lack of revision. The academic imbalance was created as students took time to learn how to use video conferencing software like Zoom for online classes. Schools had to hold revision classes before they could start teaching further.

Standardized Tests for Admissions

For the graduating batch, the students had to give SATs and many other aptitude tests in which they had to portray their skills in their respective fields. The situation wasn’t in their favor as they were unable to get the required practice and guidance about the test.

Studying Abroad

Many students wanted to study abroad but were unable to do so due to many factors. They were unable to study for their exams properly and ended up with bad grades. Some got into financial crisis and were unable to pay the hefty amount of tuition fees and other costs for studying abroad.

Many students living abroad were unable to come back to their home countries as air travel was closed. Some wanted to go to continue their studies but were unable and then lost a semester, which delayed their graduation.

3rd World Countries

Third-world countries were the most affected by this pandemic as they had a lack of capital to cope up with the situation and had to wait for foreign aid to arrive. The students in the 3rd world countries didn’t have appropriate technology and devices which could make their online class experience a success. The students were just sitting at home and waiting for the pandemic to end so that they can continue their education.

All these factors have greatly affected students and their studies. There has been a drastic change in student’s minds as they were unable to get access to proper education for a long time which led to decreased productivity. The students who are about to graduate will have a falling job market and unemployment would be at rising.

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