How Do I Start My Dissertation?

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How Do I Start My Dissertation?

A dissertation is undoubtedly a troublesome task. Many people are even afraid to start it. If this is your case, do not panic and keep on reading this article. Every student battles to write an excellent research paper. However, very few of them actually win the battle. Why? Due to inappropriate knowledge and planning. It also leads them to think that I should Pay Someone To Do My Dissertation. Well, what if we could help you? Yes, that is exactly what we are going to do in this post.

Many of you might be wondering how do I start my dissertation. The answer is simple. First, you need to ensure you have adequate organization and time management skills. Remember, a research project is not a one-night project. Thus, you may need to spend months on it. However, good planning can save your time and assure you excellent results.

Dissertation Topic Planning

The process starts with topic planning. You need to pick up a suitable topic for your research. Make sure you select a topic that you are passionate about. Else, you will lose interest shortly, and there is no margin for that. Think this way. We know that a dissertation project is vital and gives many opportunities to explore new things in your academic field. Thus, the more you make interest in this project, the better your future will become.

Usually, students select a topic from previous research. For example, one can find an interesting and manageable topic by conducting intensive research in their field of education. So let your ideas flow freely. This way, you will end up at a point where your mind says, “This is it”, this is the topic we were looking for. Remember, the whole research project depends upon the topic you choose.

Topic Selection

You may think it is easy to pick up an interesting topic. The truth is, you need to spend a lot of time at this stage. Many academic researchers say that students spend most of their dissertation process searching for a topic. Thus, remember that there are many vital factors you need to go through while selecting a topic. For your ease, you can start searching for trendy topics. Fresh knowledge catches the eye quickly. However, it does not mean that an old phenomenon is worthless.

Moreover, many lucky students do not need to spend their time searching. Sometimes, the idea pops up in our minds automatically. It often happens if a person has been thinking about contributing something in their field of education for a long time. On the other hand, if this case does not work for you, do not worry. Instead, devote a good amount of time to search for a suitable dissertation topic or question for yourself.

Start the Writing Process

Now that you have done deciding a topic for your research project, it is time to start writing. It may sound simple. However, there are many things you need to know before sitting down to write. For example, a dissertation consists of many stages, often five to six stages. It starts from an introductory stage and ends up at the results stage. Do not be afraid, as I will help you go through every stage efficiently below. So let’s do it.

Stage 1: Introduction

Every dissertation starts with an introduction. You have to provide the background of your topic and let your audience know what you will do in your research. Your professor will start evaluating your research project quality from this point. Everything else before the introduction stage will not affect your grades. Thus, it means the actual work begins from here.

So do your best in the introduction stage to hook the readers. If your readers do not find the research interesting in the beginning, they may leave the rest of it without even reading it. Perhaps you would not want to waste your efforts like this right? Therefore, introduce your research appropriately to your readers.

Stage 2: Literature Review

Literature review, or simply say the researching stage of a dissertation, is stage 2. This stage consumes a lot of time, as you need to conduct thorough research on your topic. You have to find out prior theories, articles, journals, and everything related to your topic. It will help you significantly in the next stage. The more you research, the better you can explain your concept to the readers.  

Also, you can note down important details and ideas about your topic while researching it. Later on, you can use them to prove your findings. However, remember that you cannot use someone else’s work without giving them proper credits. Else, you will be at risk of catching plagiarism.

Stage 3: Methodology

Now you have learned many things about your topic through prior work. So it is time to design your own framework to prove your findings. You need to answer your research questions here. Also, you have to explain why your method is better than the prior research approaches. So be ready to defend your methodology in this stage, as there is nothing else you need to do here.

Stage 4: Presentation

Of course, you will have a lot to present at this point. For example, if you have chosen a quantitative research method, you would surely have demographic data, statistics, links between different variables, many more. Thus, you just need to display your findings here.

Stage 5: Conclusion

It is time to describe how your findings are valid. The conclusion or result stage is an analytical section of your findings. This stage highly relies upon the methodology stage, as you need to justify whether your method worked according to your expectations or not.

Stage 6: Discussions

The discussion stage shows readers how your findings fit well with existing information. Plus, it validates how the new insights you collected through your research can contribute to the field.


Let’s summarize what you have learned from the above information. Now you know how to start a dissertation. Also, you get to know from where to start it and where to end. Thus, now you are capable enough to start working on your research project. So there is no need to Pay Someone To Write My Dissertation. Instead, take the step and do it yourself.

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