How Gender Studies Influence Economic Theories

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How Gender Studies Influence Economic Theories

Gender studies have become common among us today. It happened with the help of the inclination for gender equality. Today, gender equality and women’s empowerment are widely known and supported by people all around the world. Both the genders get same career options and success these days. All of these were possible with the help of institutionalization led by agencies, national governments, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. However, the real complication occurs when all of this influences economic theories.

Perhaps you are one of those scholars who are unaware of how gender studies affect economic theories and use law dissertation writing services to overcome this problem. If so, this article got everything you need to know about this topic and can help you write a bright research paper. Thus, put all your focus on reading the rest of the blog and help yourself understand this rare topic. However, before anything, you should understand what gender studies are all about.

What is Gender Studies: The Role of Gender in Economics?

Gender studies is a branch of sociology that focuses on the social and cultural aspects of gender. There are many different research studies on gender studies, but each generally agrees that it is crucial to examine how gender impacts economics. These economists believe three chief factors affect economic decisions, culture, biology, and nurture. Culture refers to the influences society has on people’s thoughts and actions, including their ideas about work and family life. Biology is the influence of genes on our behavior. Nurture refers to the impact humans have on one another as they grow up together, which can also include societal norms.

Now you understand that gender study is a field of study that looks at the intersection of gender and social structures and how these influence economic theories. In this blog post, we will explore how gender studies influence economic theories and why it is vital for economics to be diverse.

 How Gender Studies Influence Economic Theories

In the past few years, gender inequality has been in the news more than ever before. Men and women were not getting equal treatment, and this affected many areas of life, from the arts to economics. Although, these issues are with us since the 1970s by various academics. However, all of a sudden, the world began taking an interest in them today. What exactly do these gender studies mean to economics? What do they tell us about how economic theories should be related to gender studies? It turns out there are quite a few answers to these questions.

Gender studies is a field of study that examines the biological, social, and cultural factors that define femininity and masculinity. It is crucial to note that we cannot identify gender through biological factors like chromosomes, hormones, reproductive organs, and secondary fleshly characteristics. Gender identity is who you feel you are inside your head based on these social factors. For example, even if a person has female physical traits on the outside but identifies as male in their head (gender identity), they might be transgender. Due to the historical pressure on women in society and systematic prejudice from all levels of society, this field has also helped shape how we look at economic theories.

Colonialism on Gender Relations

There have been some recent developments in understanding the impacts of colonialism on gender relations. It was found through colonial conquest and exploitation by Western powers, and there was risen demand for labor which led to greater participation of women in the labor force because they had less control over land ownership or access to resources. These effects were more obvious in colonized nations where unequal power relations existed between colonizer and colony before colonization happened.

Besides, in colonial times, gender relations played a major role in the economics of different nations. For example, women in Japan had to stay at home, and their work was almost solely domestic. They could not own property or go out without a male partner. On the other hand, Chinese women got all the respect and owned properties, which they managed themselves.

Gender Equality as Smart Economics

The world has changed a lot since the days of our parents. Women are no longer just housewives, they are doctors, lawyers, teachers, and CEOs. However, they still have a long way to go in terms of equal pay for men and women. A recent study from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that an average woman gets 22% less than her male counterpart. Why does this matter? For just one thing, women make up half of the population. It means closing the gender wage gap would highly improve the economy. All good reasons why we should work hard to close the gender wage gap. Due to this, the world starts calling gender equality smart economics.

Moreover, an argument to defend gender equality is the idea that it will boost the economy. A recent study showed that gender equality can work as smart economics and pointed out that having half of society (including women) as productive members of the workforce has been shown to generate increased GDP. It is because more people are contributing to production and innovation, which leads to better economic outcomes.


We believe you understand that gender studies are the study of how gender impacts society and economics. Also that there is often a common idea that gender equality is smart economics because it helps equalize wages and can combat the wage gap. However, there are no real economic theories that say this is true. Instead, they only argue that it is good for human capital. It means that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed in the workforce and make their own decisions about what they want to do.

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