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How Many Chapters Are In A PhD Dissertation?

Dissertations vary according to the field of education, school’s criteria, and many more. Variations are normal in a research project. However, there is a standard structure available, and most schools use it without any changes. It is undoubtedly true that scholars are puzzled between the chapters of a dissertation. Some researchers say a dissertation contains seven chapters, some say eight.

Well, it is nothing to worry about. This article will eliminate all of your confusion about Ph.D. dissertation chapters. If you need urgent help for your research, you can hire Phd Dissertation Help services to fulfill your needs.

Besides, the standard format has six chapters in a dissertation. Many schools follow the standard criteria. Whereas, some schools ask students to merge the fifth and sixth chapters, so it becomes a five-chapter dissertation. We will discuss every chapter of a dissertation in this post and help you clear your doubts.

Standard Dissertation Structure

Everyone is aware of the standard structure of a dissertation. If you are not, let me explain it to you. A research project has six common chapters. It includes an introduction, literature review, methodology, presentation, results, and discussions. This structure works universally, which means most of the schools use it.

Moreover, the average length of a six-chapter dissertation is nearly 200 pages long. If someone merges chapters five and six, it may not affect the length a lot but 2 to 3 pages. Your supervisor will tell you if this is the case.

Chapters in a Ph.D. Dissertation

You cannot compose a perfect piece of research paper unless you know everything about it. From making a good plan to knowing your topic efficiently, structuring your research contains the same worth. If you fail to structure dissertation chapters, you might not get the expected results.

Therefore, you first need to understand the chapters thoroughly. This post will help you understand the chapters and their content. So before you start writing your Ph.D. dissertation, consider going through the chapters below.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Every academic paper starts with an introduction. Remember, I am not talking about the title page, table of contents, etc., but the core introductory phase. The title page and other essential information are not a chapter of research, as they are pages. Research starts with an intro chapter, and you need to introduce your idea to the readers here.

Some people do not focus a lot on the introduction chapter, as they think they have already done that in the abstract. That is wrong. Make sure to introduce your work like your readers have not seen the abstract section. Also, make sure to provide essential info like why your idea is valuable and the way it will contribute to the industry.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

After completing introducing your idea to the readers, there comes the literature review chapter. Here you need to conduct extensive research about your chosen topic. It may take a huge amount of time, as it is a lengthy chapter. Thorough research on a specific topic is not a piece of cake. You may find a lot of irrelevant information, and you need to make sure the data you gathered is relevant.

Also, it is good to go through every previous research study, journal, article, etc. whatever you find related to your topic. It shows how good a student’s research skills are and their method to collect data.

Chapter 3: Methodology

It is where you need to reveal your own approach toward a topic. It is based upon the previous chapter in which you collected data from research studies, articles, journals, etc. Now, it is your turn to present a new model. You need to tell the readers about how you will perform your research and why your methods are appropriate and valuable. Remember to answer these questions in your methodology chapter.

Chapter 4: Presentation

You are getting close to the end of your Ph.D. dissertation. Chapter 4 holds the responsibility of presenting the data. It means you need to display the findings you get from your method. For example, surveys, charts, graphs, demographics, statistics, and everything. Remember, you solely need to display the findings, not explain them here. The result chapter should describe your findings. Also, for further discussions on findings, there is another chapter for it.

Chapter 5: Results

Now you get rid of every tiresome thing. Thus, it is time to describe your results. You need to explain your findings critically in this chapter. Also, you should link this section with chapter four. It can help you provide a better explanation of your results.

Chapter 6: Discussion

The discussion chapter solely consists of further discussion. You can provide more details about your findings and how they connect with each other. In simple terms, if you want to link things with your research questions better, this chapter can help you efficiently. There is nothing else you need to do here.

Exceptional Case

I have said above that some schools want students to merge chapters five and six. It means to reveal results and discussions in the same chapter. There is nothing bad in it, as it may save 2 to 3 pages. However, it is better to explain these chapters separately if possible.


There is not much puzzling in a Ph.D. dissertation chapter. I have mentioned every chapter of a dissertation clearly in the above sections. Now you can write an excellent research paper without having any doubts. Still, it is always better to ask your supervisors about it. Else, you can simply go through your school’s criteria for a research project. Most probably your school also follows a standard dissertation structure. In case of professional help, you can always seek help from Phd Dissertation Help UK services. These services are 24/7 available.  

Anyway, I do not think you need more explanation and evidence about the chapters in a Ph.D. dissertation. This article is enough to understand how many chapters are in a research project and what they contain. You now know everything related to it. Thus, good luck with your final project.

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