If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but not the goal

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If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but not the goal

Life is challenging and is hard with every chapter that comes by. There are many ups and downs in life just like a boat sailing in a deep big ocean. A sailor always makes a plan and devises its strategy to make that boat sailed to the shore. Similarly, each and every person formulate plans for their better life and to achieve their goals. However, one never knows when its boat will hit by a storm. 

If you are a student and suppose you are unable to complete your dissertation on time according to your plan and the deadline is near? What would you do? Would you change your goal of submitting your dissertation or would you go for another option such as dissertation help? You are right changing the plan is the right option because if the plan does not work, change the plan instead of changing the goal.

This article will deeply discuss this main point and will give you the confidence to always look for other options to reach your goal. We will also tell you some tips about changing plans. Read the entire article and convince your mind to always navigate new routes.

CHANGE- A Law Of Life

It is very common to have plans to achieve certain goals. However, life is uncertain. Thus, the plans we make not necessarily get executed in the same way.  The working of plans is not unfortunate because it’s a part of life but what is even more unfortunate the temptation. When a plan does not work out the way you want, it is a common behavior that the person gets disheartened and as a result, changes its goal.

Changing a goal is not the solution at all. For example, if you get failed in your exam then giving up and leaving the degree is not a wise decision. You should look up for another way, you should revise your study plan and give your exams again and ace them. There is a very popular quote: when one door gets closed, other doors open”. However, you need to find different ways to reach that door.

Change is a part of life. Changes occur but that does not mean that one should give up and change its goal instead of a plan. Giving up your goal means, you lose hope and you sacrifice your dreams. Goals are never wrongs, sometimes plans are wrong. The strategy we do to achieve our objectives sometimes no fits the situation. Thus, it is our plans that not suits the goals thus, one should definitely change its plan instead of changing the goal.

Find Other Routes

Consider another example; let suppose you are driving and unfortunately you reach a dead end. You won’t give up and instead of reaching your destination, you would go back home. Definitely, you will find another route, you will change your path, and will reach your destination. This example clearly shows that there are certain paths to reach a goal. However, it is the responsibility of the person itself to find that route instead of giving up.

Losing hope is not a good decision. One should keep on trying to achieve the goals again and again. Losing patience and getting disheartened only makes a person weak and he starts to begin to live with the thinking that he/she is not capable of doing that thing. Never compromise to achieve what you want. Start looking for better plans and move forward.  John MacPhee once said that;

I kept changing the plans because they kept asking me”

This means that there is nothing bad if your one plan gets failed. It is okay if you cannot achieve your goal with your plan A. If such a thing happens you should start formulating plan B.  You must have seen this in a cricket match that if one team starts getting to lose the match, what does the captain do? Does he loses his patience or start thinking about how to create a win-win situation for his team? The captain immediately changes the plan and comes with a new strategy. He does not give up and leave the match at the moment. Thus, whatever the situation is, always lookup for a new path.

How To Change A Plan?

You must be thinking if one plan doesn’t work then how to change a plan? Here are a few of the tips that you should definitely take when one plan gets failed.

  • Keep Calm

Usually, when one plan gets failed, a person gets panic, feels stressed out, and starts giving up on the situation. His brain stops functioning and he becomes cold. However, to win this situation there is only one solution: to be calm. Firstly, you need to make yourself relaxed and have to calm down because a mind cannot function fully when you are stressed out. To think about your full potential, you have to control your nerves. Take a deep breath and relax to formulate a new plan.

  • Review Your Plans

Once you are relaxed and in a position to think again, it is time to review your previous planning again. You must be questioning why to look at the past? The answer is very logical! You must have heard that past is the best teacher and this 100% true. No one can teach you the way your past mistakes can. You should review your previous planning and should identify the problems and where you lack. Try to understand the gaps in your planning that caused your plan to fail. This will help you in understanding the flaws and will save you from failing. A very honest suggestion is that you should write your flaws on a piece of paper which you find in your previous plan to have better results.

  • Analyze Current Situation

After reviewing your plans, you should also review your situation. Most of the time, the prime reason for plan failure is due to a mismatch of it with the situation. It is very important to always analyze the situation and your circumstances and then start planning.

  • Think Of Other Ways

The second last thing, after analyzing all the situation it is time to think of another plan. We would recommend you to create a plan that synchronizes with your situation and your suits your surrounding. It is advised that you should create more than one plan as a backup in case one fails you can another use.

  • Consult Professional

Before, implementing the plan, you should take help from any professional or a person whose opinion you trust the most. Taking help from any consultant will provide you the feedback hat whether you are going in the right direction or not and will also boost your confidence to take the action without any fear. Thus, taking help from someone is a good option.

 These are the few ways by which you can easily change your plans in case of failure instead of changing your goals. Never lose hope and keep on moving because life is short and one should enjoy it to at fullest. If you are worried because of your dissertation then you should buy dissertation online and have a happy academic life!

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