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List of Environmental Law Dissertation Topics

When writing a dissertation, you will be thinking about what could be the perfect topic for a dissertation on environmental law. Therefore, we are facing many issues nowadays when it comes to our environment. Moreover, from climate change to water pollution, there are many things we can talk about and the laws related to it. 

In this blog, we brief you on a number of issues and subjects, which you can consider and choose a topic from these issues and write your dissertation about them and environmental laws. Moreover, if you want someone to do my dissertationthen you can get it from Dissertation Help London. However, let us dive into the blog.

List of the Best Environmental Law Dissertation Topics

Let us look at some of the topics you can cover in your dissertation. 

Types of Environmental Law

There are many different types of environmental law, each with its own unique focus and area of expertise. However, here are just a few examples of the different types of environmental law that you could pursue in your dissertation:

1. International environmental law: This type of law deals with the protection of the environment on a global scale. Moreover, topics could include climate change, the Montreal Protocol (which deals with the depletion of the ozone layer), or the Convention on Biological Diversity.

2. European Union environmental law: This type of law governs the protection of the environment within the European Union. In addition, topics could include air pollution, waste management, or nature conservation.

3. National environmental law: This type of law focuses on the protection of the environment within a specific country or region. For example, you could write about U.S. environmental law or Chinese environmental law.

4. Land use and development law: This type of law deals with issues related to land use and development, such as zoning regulations and construction permits. Therefore, topics could include urban planning, land conservation, or property rights.

5. Water resources law: This type of law deals with issues related to water resources, such as water pollution and water rights. Topics could include drought mitigation, flood control, or drinking water regulation.

Climate Change and the Environment Law

Climate change is a critical environmental matter of our time. Therefore, a global problem requires international cooperation to address. There are many different aspects to climate change, from the science of climate change to the policy response to it. However, it makes it a complex issue to tackle in a dissertation.

There are a number of potential topics that you can cover in your dissertation on climate change and environmental law. Thus, here are some examples:

  • The change in climate and its impact on the environment 
  • The economic results of climate change
  • The political response to climate change
  • The science of climate change
  • How businesses are responding to climate change
  • The impact of climate change on vulnerable populations

Role of Environment Law in Water Pollution

Water pollution is a growing problem in many territories of the world. It is due to a variety of factors, including industrialization, agricultural runoff, and sewage disposal. As a result, water pollution is a major environmental concern. Therefore, one way is to improve wastewater treatment facilities. However, we can do it by upgrading existing facilities or by constructing new ones. Moreover, another way to reduce water pollution is to better manage agricultural runoff through a variety of methods, such as crop rotation and the use of cover crops.

If you are interested in writing your dissertation on water pollution, there are a number of potential topics you could explore. Therefore, the following are just a few examples that you can utilize:

  • Water pollution and its effects on humans and their health.
  • The economic cost of water pollution.
  • The results of water pollution on aquatic ecosystems.
  • The role of wastewater treatment in reducing water pollution.
  • Best management practices for reducing agricultural runoff and water pollution

Global Warming 

As the world continues to warm, the need for effective environmental law becomes more pressing. Therefore, the following is a list of possible dissertation topics in this field:

  • The effectiveness of current international environmental law in combating global warming.
  • The potential for a new international treaty on global warming.
  • How national governments can best tackle global warming through legislation.
  • The responsibility of the private sector in combating global warming.
  • How civil society can contribute to combating global warming.

Nuclear Waste

Nuclear waste is one of the most controversial topics in environmental law. There is a lot of debate over nuclear waste, how to dispose of it safely, and who should be responsible for it.

Some people believe that nuclear waste should be disposed of in deep underground repositories. Moreover, some believe that recycling nuclear waste is the best way to deal with it. However, others still believe that we should simply stop using nuclear power altogether.

Whichever side you fall on, there is no shortage of potential dissertation topics when it comes to nuclear waste. Therefore, the following are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • What are the pros and cons of different disposal methods for nuclear waste?
  • Who should be responsible for disposing of nuclear waste?
  • What are the legal implications of recycling nuclear waste?
  • Is it possible to create safe and effective deep underground repositories for nuclear waste?
  • What are the long-term risks associated with leaving nuclear waste above ground?

Marine Pollution

Marine pollution is an environmental issue that affects the entire world. Moreover, it is a problem that has been increasing in recent years as the world’s population and economy have grown. How does marine pollution have a variety of harmful effects on the environment? How can marine pollution lead to the build-up of toxic chemicals in the food chain? What can eventually end up harming humans who consume seafood? You can talk about it all these issues and the environmental laws to manage these issues.


After reading this blog, you got to know about many environmental issues. In addition, you can talk about these issues in your dissertation. Like, what are some of the environmental laws? How can they play a role in environmental issues? We hope this blog helped you in the best possible regards. However, if you want someone to do my dissertation for me, then you can hire Dissertation Help London.

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