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List of Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation is an important process. It is one of the most important assignments that you have to do in your undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. education. However, writing a dissertation can be a rigorous process and you may be struggling to write a brilliant dissertation. The first thing most students struggle with is the choice of the right topic. There are so many topics and it can be overwhelming for them to choose the right one.

Similarly, social media marketing is an emerging topic and there are different topics to write a dissertation on. However, it is important to follow the guidelines and necessary instructions, before moving to choose the topic. Also, you must make sure that your dissertation will allow you to conduct the type of research you want to carry out and that you have study samples available. Nonetheless, writing a dissertation can be a hectic process, and if you want law dissertation help then feel free to connect with us.

List of Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

There are so many unexplored areas in social media marketing as it is a growing topic. If you wish to write your dissertation in social media marketing then you have a lot of brilliant topics waiting for you. Here, we have discussed some of the best social media marketing dissertation topics. Let’s dig in.

How Social media marketing as a tool help organizations in generating revenues: An Evaluation on its positive and negative impact?

Social media marketing has been the most cost-effective and overall beneficial marketing strategy for businesses. It can easily reach the targeted customers. The data analytics of online applications allow businesses to reach their potential consumers. Your study can incorporate studies like:

  • Analyses of different tools of social media marketing that are used by the organization to generate revenue and their efficiency.
  • Evaluation of the positive and negative impact of social media marketing tools on the organization’s revenues.
  • Literature review and recommendation for different effective tools of social media marketing for organizations.

How the social media marketing affects the flow of sales of online businesses?

Certain businesses only have an online presence. This study aim at studying their flow of sales. Your dissertation can be based on:

  • The ideation of the online business and its marketing ways.
  • The analyses of the use of social media marketing by the online business
  • The assessment of the impact of social media marketing on the sales flow of online business.
  • Studying different case studies and applying recommendations for different ways of social media marketing to online businesses to increase the sales flow.

The customer responds to different short and long-term deals in a competitive online market

The success of online businesses is based on the reviews and ratings of their consumers online. Similarly, among many online buyers, the consumers react and buy the products of those who offer them discounts and provide short and long-term offers. Your dissertation can be based on how these offers are effective and how to improve them to influence the customer’s buying behavior. Similarly, your study can focus on:

  • Analysis of the customer reviews on different short and long-term offers on the online market.
  • Examination of the importance of social media marketing by fabric outlets.
  • Analysis of the impact of social media marketing on the customer’s spending patterns.
  • Recommendations on different to improve social media marketing.

Brand promotions on social media: The use of different social media platforms to maintain their brand marketing.

Brands are constantly active on the internet through their websites and social media pages. Online presence and advertisement are essential to keep the audience in touch and to promote the product. You can focus on the study to examine the role of social media in the promotion of the brand. Also, you can focus on studying how different organizations are using social media for their brand image.

Also, your dissertation can pursue:

  • Examination of the role of social media in improving brand image.
  • Assessment of the importance of brand promotion through social media marketing.
  • The analysis of the best social media platforms used by organizations to promote their brand.
  • The evaluation of brand performances before and after using social media promotions
  • Recommendations about the use of different social media platforms and different ways of promoting the brand through social media marketing.

Positive Impacts of Covid19 Pandemic on the Performance of E-Commerce Websites

The E-commerce websites have seen unprecedented growth in their sales during the covid-19 pandemic. There is great potential in E-commerce to offer products and services during such difficult times. This potential can be harnessed through proper research and studies and the experience of customers can be improved in the coming times. Also, there are certain things that you can asses while considering the practices of different brands.

A relative study between Facebook ads and Google ads. Which is more profitable?

There is certainly a difference between Facebook and google ads. Both provide more or less the same audience yet the Facebook has been more beneficial for direct purchasing.

The study aims could be studying:

Which platform is a better fit for the budget?

Which platforms provide better reach to the potential clients in a specific niche of business such as wardrobe etc?


There are various interesting social media marketing topics to come up with. Although make sure that you have access to the relevant sample group and that you can easily apply the type of methodology that you are choosing. You can come up with great ideas such as the social media marketing reach and the different analytics and data tools associated with social media marketing tactics. Similarly, find out about the potential of E-commerce in the future and how can the experience of customers can be improved. Also, you can study how to improve the effectiveness of social media marketing and how it affects consumer buying behaviors and preferences. However, if you are a law student and struggling to write a well-articulated and comprehensive paper and thinking about someone to write my law dissertation then you can connect with us and we will take care of your dissertation writing.

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