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List of Sports Law Dissertation Topics

A dissertation is the most important assignment that you have to do in your university education. You have to write a well-articulated dissertation as it affects your grade and career. However, many a time students find it difficult to start writing a dissertation. They find it difficult to choose the best topic for their dissertation.

There are so many topics and it is just normal to get overwhelmed. Similarly, if you are thinking of writing your dissertation in sports law then there are numerous topics that you can choose from. This blog will discuss those topics and what you should aim to find out in those studies. However, you should make sure that you will be able to conduct research in the chosen field and follow the instructions. Also, if you are struggling to write your dissertation then you ask to pay someone to write my dissertation and we will be there to help you.

List of Sports Law Dissertation Topics

Sports law is a great topic that is applicable in a variety of contexts in sports. Also, there are numerous sports law dissertation topics that you can choose from. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Sexual harassment in Sports and the laws that forbid it

Sports is also a male-dominated field where the power resides with the male. There have been several instances where males tried to or did sexually harass female athletes. There are certain things that you should consider in the study that includes the role that sports directors can play to stop or mitigate the chances of sexual harassment. You can further discuss the role of the athletics body in preventing such cases and the laws and their application in the past years. Similarly, the study should aim at how to minimize sexual harassment while arguing the credibility of the law and its application.

Contract and employment legislation for coaches

Unlike the majority of player contracts, coaching contracts are certain. The firing team must pay for the remaining years of the coach’s contract. That obligation, however, comes with warnings. You can study the long-term effects of firing laws and how can it badly affect the decisions of the team. Also, teams must choose how they are terminating the coach’s contract. However, for the fired coach to continue to receive payments, the firing must be without any breach of the contract. You can evaluate the existing laws and how they can affect the coaches.

Impact of sports law on cases of doping at international competitions

There are anti-doping laws at both National and International levels but these laws are always in conflict with each other as there is no correlation between them. Doping is not good for the future of the sports domain worldwide. It puts pressure on athletes and destroys the practice of fair competitions. However, these athletes are role models for youth and your study can examine how they can have a bad influence on youth and the coming generation. There are chances that the young generation would follow these athletes and can also indulge in doping.

Football match-fixing and the rules governing it

You can study how the laws can prevent football fixing. What is the domain of the law and how it has been successful in the years? How it deals with the players and if it keeps the players from doing the match-fixing or not. Numerous things should be there to serve the purpose to safeguard the spirit of the game hence the interest in the game.

Your study should aim at evaluating the credibility of the existing laws and what can be improved to make things better. You can provide your recommendations. Also, given the need of catching the organized criminals involved and the proceedings they face, you can talk about how beneficial it has been. Similarly, you can study the influence of the Council of Europe’s convention against the manipulation of sports results. It may also point out the need for far better criminal laws and sanctions which are needed in every jurisdiction.

Sports laws about lifestyle sports

Your study should examine the interrelationship between law and lifestyle sports. You can argue that the literature relating to legal approaches to lifestyle sports is currently underdeveloped. Similarly, you can talk about the unsophisticated take on how the law can operate. Your study should aim at examining specifically the interrelationship between risk and benefit. Also, how the law recognizes issues of social utility or value, mainly within the context of lifestyle sport.

Reviewing legal issues and impacts in sports marketing

There are a few emerging issues that you may conduct your study on. Numerous laws apply to sports marketing that enables or disable sports marketing. Similarly, there are two growing concerns and areas of research – gambling/gaming and the future of sports fans. In the U.S. sports betting has been changing as numerous jurisdictions have legalized sports betting. Also, some of the major leagues have become accustomed to them now.

Similarly, another area of research is the concern for major sports leagues in bringing new fans on board. This is more critical when we talk about Generation Z. They get their news online than through more traditional TV and cable avenues. While conducting the research make sure to different strategies to gather information to develop a comprehensive paper. Find out the information that sheds light on the relationship between fans and their teams. Also, look for sports consumer behavior and examples of what athletes and teams are branding.


Although choosing a dissertation topic can be an overwhelming process, we have shared with you a few good topics to go with. You need to make sure that you have understood the instructions and demands of the instructor and then choose. Similarly, make sure that you have the sources for data collection. Also, your topic should allow you to undertake the methodology required to complete the research. Sports law has emerging topics that you can use for the benefit of the topic. However, if you want expert help to write a well-articulated dissertation then feel free to ask us to write my essay and we will be there to serve you at your call.

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