Modern Preventing Strategies to Fight Obesity Among Teenagers

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Modern Preventing Strategies to Fight Obesity Among Teenagers

The rising rate of obesity and related diseases among teenagers is devastating. It does not only affect their physical health but also their minds. Besides, a variety of factors cause obesity among teenagers, which is why it is crucial to monitor them in multiple ways. You may have seen the world is now making awareness of children and teenagers’ obesity problems. Health experts say it is a critical health concern, which we must not take lightly. Even many psychology and health students choose this topic in their final year research task to promote its awareness.

Many students and health experts are working on finding new studies about obesity among teenagers, perhaps also you. If you need some help with this topic and thinking to hire someone to write my dissertation, do not worry. This article has everything you need to understand obesity among teenagers and modern strategies to prevent or fight it.  

Modern Preventing Strategies to Fight Obesity in Teenagers

It seems like people want to lose weight because they want to look prettier. Yet, when you see the numbers, you see that there are more and more overweight people. A statistic says that 32% of only the US people will suffer from obesity and most of them are teenagers. That is why it is crucial to make awareness of modern strategies to fight and prevent obesity among teenagers. Imagine only 32% of US citizens are obese, mostly teenagers. How many teenagers would be facing obesity around the globe?

Obesity has become an epidemic among teenagers around the globe. The latest study by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates that at least 37% of teens between the ages of 12-19 are overweight or obese globally. Even more shocking is that the percentage will probably increase in the upcoming years. So how can we help teenagers fight against obesity? Here are some modern prevention strategies that health experts believe can help fight obesity among teenagers

Educate Children about Healthy Eating

The problem of obesity among teenagers is a growing concern for parents and for society as a whole. The rising rate of obesity among teenagers is becoming a major public health issue because obesity in teens increases the risk of future cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, it is important to educate children about healthy eating at an early age. The more we make them aware of what foods are good for them and which ones are not, the more likely they are to maintain a healthy weight.

Moreover, it is not just the kids who need to eat healthily. Parents and caregivers should also possess knowledge about how to feed their kids so that they can help them make good choices. Thus, it is also crucial that parents take an active interest in their child’s eating habits. By making sure that their child eats healthy meals, parents can help prevent obesity from occurring in the first place. For example, when eating dinner together as a family every night, it is easy for children to learn how much what types of foods they should eat in one sitting from you (like fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods).

Encourage Them to Be Physically Active

If we want to prevent obesity among teenagers, we must not educate them about healthy eating habits but also encourage them to engage in physical activity regularly. Physical activity is a great way to prevent obesity among teenagers. The key is to get them moving because even a small amount of exercise can help reduce the risk of obesity and related health problems.

Physical activity can improve the way their body functions and help them maintain a healthy weight. You can go for a walk with your family, play sports or exercise at home. Also, it is a good idea for parents to set an example by being physically active themselves.

Find a Sport the Teenager Enjoys

Creating a routine of physical activity that is enjoyable for teenagers is an ideal way to fight and prevent obesity. If they enjoy sports, go to their games, if they do not, take them hiking or swimming. Also, ensure they have access to the equipment they need for their activities (i.e., bikes, exercise equipment). A sport can be anything that includes physical activity. Whether they like to play football or basketball, or simply love to sprint in the morning, just let them engage in their favorite sport.

Regular Checkups

Obese teenagers may benefit from counseling sessions with a trained professional. It can help them work through any emotional or physical issues they may be facing. Also, health experts can help them develop healthier eating and exercise habits that will lead to lasting weight loss.

Watch Out for Emotional Problems in Obese Teens

Obesity is a growing problem among teenagers, but also a curable thing. In case a teenager is struggling with obesity, the first step is to watch out for emotional problems. You can start by asking them questions like: “Are you having trouble making friends? Do you feel like no one likes you?” If your teenager has an emotional problem, then they may need professional help from a therapist or psychologist.

Remember, emotional problems can have a huge impact on teenagers’ health and weight. Thus, it is crucial to take care of them by making sure they are in a good place emotionally. If you are concerned about your child’s weight gain or want to help them lose weight, make sure you talk about how they feel about themselves and their lives. Neglecting emotional problems can lead to anxiety or depression. Also, it can be a crucial cause of poor academic performance.


Obesity is a problem that many teenagers face. It can be hard to find out why they are gaining weight in the first place. That is why not health experts but psychologists also today focus on obesity among teenagers. This way, we can get a better insight into whether emotional problems cause obesity among teenagers.

If you are a psychology student writing research about obesity among teenagers, you are also a part of fighting obesity among teenagers. If you need some help with this topic, you can freely use this article for your research purpose. Also, you can hire psychology dissertation writing services to get professional assistance.

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