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But before that, let’s explore what is event management and the role of social media in it. You can also get a sneak peek of some most interesting and futuristic event management dissertation topics ideas.

Event Management & Role Of Social Media Marketing In It

Event management is the process of planning, creating, designing, and maintaining any small, large scale, corporate, or public events, be it festivals, meetings, conferences, weddings, formal parties, concerts, conventions, and many more. It is a whole lot of a process that needs complete creativity, connections, and most importantly the know-how to do all this. Being an event planner ain’t easy, but exciting.

As said above, event management needs connection, which means social connections. And to create those connections you need to present yourself well in the world of social media. The more creatively you present yourself on social media the larger the attraction and connections you get through it. This attraction brings success to your event! What else do you need? Some of the prominent role of social media in the success of event management is discussed below for your clarity;

  • It helps in providing an impactful and powerful channel for the promotion of events. You can also spread awareness of any event’s cause or thought behind that event.
  • You can also reach and engage with a huge audience that is or could be interested in your event, or the cause of your event through any social media campaign or post.
  • Creating buzz before the event on social media can help in selling the tickets for your event, making it more profitable and successful.
  • After any event, the reviews of attendees on social media can help you build and gain trust for future events and get you more clients with a broader audience.
  • Gives you the space for post-event marketing that promotes your brand. This can get you future events and help you keep engaged with your potential customers.

In short, social media marketing not only plays a part in your present event but also helps you in getting future events and clients with the help of promotions, engagements, and communications. Now you know how impactful is the role of social media in event management. Then let’s see some event management dissertation topics ideas for your academic life, keeping the touch of social media marketing in it;

Event Management Dissertation Topics Ideas For 2024

Based on current trends, challenges, and available resources in the field of event management, here are some top examples for your dissertation;

  • Green Event Management  & Its Impact On The Sustainable Environment

Focus: Explore the eco-friendly policies and approaches in event management and investigate their impact on business and the overall environment. Suggest some measures and policies for making green event management successful.

  • Role Of Technology In Event Management – Virtual And Augmented Reality Technologies

Focus: How the technology of virtual and augmented reality can enhance the planning and management of any event and affect its success.  

  • Effectiveness And Role Of Crisis Management In Event Management

Focus: Analyse how different crisis management policies and solutions can help in making any event protected and successful in the context of people’s safety.

  • Role Of Security Measures In Event Success And Customer Satisfaction

Focus: Analyse the security measures taken by the event planners of some successful events and how these measures impacted the overall satisfaction of the audience.

  • Impact Of Venue On Overall Customer Satisfaction & Event Success

Focus: Monitor how the venue affects the success of events. Keep the location, capacity, and other important factors as your main investigation focus.

  • Practices And Techniques Of Experiential Marketing Used For Event Promotions

Focus: Explore the contribution to event planning and management through experiential marketing. Also, analyse the rate of success based on these practices.

  • Strategies For Cost-Effective Budgeting And Financial Management Of The Event

Focus: Analyse the most budget-friendly events, and focus on their budget plan. Also, go towards those events that have become a blunder due to lack of budget management.

  • Strategies For Planning a Creative Event For a Diverse Audience – Cultural And Accessibility

Focus: Explore the opportunities and challenges while planning and managing events that have cultural aspects and are planned for different age groups. Monitor success rate.

  • Social Trends And Their Impact On Event  Management – Theme And Designs

Focus: Analyse how the social trends are playing their role in influencing the theme and design of any events. Also, check the role of culture and lifestyle in event management.

  1. Impact On ROI Through Corporate Events – Tangible And Intangible

Focus: Monitor the ROI of some successful corporate events vs some failed events. Keep the account for tangible and intangible outcomes for your study. 

Event Management Dissertation Topics Ideas In Connection With Social Media Marketing 2024

Did you think that we have missed the role of social media marketing in event management? Nope! How can we? When we know that social media marketing plays a huge role in the success of any event in current times. Here are some statistics for UK 2023 to back up our blog;

  • 70% of event attendees’ attendance
  • 41% impact on revenue
  • 39% registration of events through social media
  • 37% generation of leads
  • 35% sign-ups for future events

Keeping these stats in mind, let’s see some of the most influential event management dissertation topics ideas in the context of social media marketing;

  1. Role Of Social Media Marketing In The Attendance Of Any Event

Focus: Examine how social media marketing can increase attendance at any event. Suggest some policies and marketing techniques for good attendance at any event.

  • How To Use Social Media Platforms For Event Management And Promotion

Focus: Monitor the strategies and connections of some successful events done through the different social media platforms. Tell which one is the most influential and the result generated.

  • Role Of Creative And User-User-Centric Social Media Content In Event Success

Focus: Examine how user-centric social media content can play a role in the success of event management. Suggest some good techniques for creating such content.

  • Analyse Traditional Vs Social Media Approaches In The Evolution Of Event Management

Focus: Monitor and compare traditional vs social media marketing methods and policies. Also, notice the point of the shift from traditional to social media marketing in event management.

  • Role And Impact Of Influencer Marketing In Event Management

Focus: Analyse how influencer marketing and any influencer can make any event successful. Mention some successful events and which influencer was the part of the campaign.

  • The Success Rate Of Event Management With The Help Of Social Media Marketing

Focus: Create the framework for the success rate of events that use social media marketing. Monitor the shift in audience reach, engagement, and attendance in that event.

  • Role Of Crisis Management Through Social Media For Event Management And Success

Focus: Explore how to use social media platforms for spreading crisis management policies. Mention some of the events that successfully dodged the negative situations due to this technique.

  • Role And Impact Of Community Building Through Social Media On Event Management

Focus: Analyse how community building can impact the brand image. Also, analyse the long-term success rate of any event that happened due to community building.

  • Impact Of Cross-Cultural Social Media Marketing On Global Event Management

Focus: Explore the cultural challenges faced while managing global events. Also, suggest some measures for the betterment of cultural diversity globally.

  1. Role Of Augmented Reality Ar In The Success Of Event Management

Focus: Examine the role and potential of augmented reality AR with the partnership of social media in the success rate of any event. Also, mention the user experience in your study.

While writing a dissertation, it is necessary that you consider a topic that is interlinked with your interests. Also, focus on whether you have access to current trends in that field with your available resources. If not, then worry not. My Dissertations provides complete social media marketing dissertation writing help. Check out our services now and get you a trendy event management dissertation.

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