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Oil and Gas Law Dissertation Topics

Dissertation writing is an important part of your university education. Many students struggle with how and where to start. The first thing they come across is the selection of a brilliant topic. Choosing the right topic is essential to be able to write a well-articulated dissertation. Also, there are a lot of brilliant topics to write your dissertation on oil and gas law.

Oil and gas law has been gaining prominence among researchers and scholars because there is a great concern about climate change. Similarly, the oil prices went down sharply so it indicated a need for research in the sector. Hence you will have a lot of important topics to choose from for your dissertation writing. However, if you are struggling to write your dissertation then you can ask for dissertation writing services and we will be there to serve you.

Oil and Gas Law Dissertation Topics

If you are thinking of writing your dissertation on oil and gas law then you will have a lot of great topics to choose from. Let’s check them out in detail.

The impact of falling fuel costs on the production of oil and gas

Since the year 1970, oil prices have been increasingly fragile. Similarly, during the covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown dropped oil demand significantly, hence prices fell. Many companies went on storing the oil and even the storage capacities filled and there were rumors of oil being sold for free. Nonetheless, it is a great concern for oil-producing major countries that have suffered significantly. They tried to curb production to balance the prices. Hence, it is a great topic to choose to realize the impacts of fuel prices and what should be done to avoid them in the future.

The impact of environmental laws on the production of oil and gas

Environmental policies harm the ability of oil producers. They make things difficult for them like it is hard to drill for oil, construct refineries, and prev from using less expensive octane boosters. Similarly, there are numerous socio-economic and environmental degradation problems. Also, there are carbon footprints, discharge emissions of wastes and noise, etc. You can do an intense analysis of previous research or find a gap in previous studies and research on that. However, make sure that whatever topic you choose, you will be able to conduct research.

How essential is talent management in the oil and gas sector? Review of the literature

The workforce is essential in every sector and organization. Similarly, a talented workforce can have a significantly positive impact on the oil and gas sector. HR practices are making sure they hire the right candidates with specific skill sets and those who have an eye for change and development. You can study the availability of appropriate degrees and courses which are essential to provide the necessary talent. Also, you may discuss the issues related to the lack of relevant talent in the oil and gas sector.

A study on the waste management tactics in the oil and gas sector

There is an emerging need for critical and effective waste management strategies to cope with the degrading water capacities. It has hazardous impacts on marine life and millions of fish are getting toxins in their body. The water is being contaminated by hazardous fluids, and radioactivity and requires careful handling, treatment, and disposal.

A comprehensive examination of political control in the world’s oil-dependent economy

The country’s economic strength lies in its energy resources and energy infrastructure. Countries plan policies and use them to achieve access to energy resources. These can lead to energy security and self-sufficiency as well as economic growth and geo-political benefits. Oil and gas companies and government bodies implement regulations to help enhance the sustainability of the industry. One of the challenges of the twenty-first century is to meet the energy requirements and provide the world with enough energy safely and sustainably. Hence, you can analyze how strong countries try to influence countries with energy-rich reserves.

An assessment of the third world nations in improving their economy by depoliticizing their oil and gas production

Governments mostly take a share of the production of oil and gas. However, if they don’t invest and do corruption then it is surely not going to help their country. Also, if they are prone to corruption, oil and gas can lock countries into polluting energy systems or damage the development of other industries. Similarly, It is not always the case that an increase in GDP results in an increase in energy consumption. The impact of oil and gas consumption on economic growth differs according to the type of economy. Also, the main economic activities, and how these use different energy sources influence the development of a country.

An Assessment of various health-related risks that emerge due to oil and gas harvesting in developing countries

There is evidence that indicates cancer, lung cancer, and other severe diseases because of exposure to the exploration of oil. Also, there are no major government interventions in developing countries to prevent hazardous effects. Hence, there is a lot of possibility of research in the developing world to know their practices and their reason. Hence, it can be a good topic to go with. However, keep in mind that you may need to travel to a developing country or several countries to collect data and conduct research. Nonetheless, there is a social need for such research as well. So, it’s a good-to-go topic.


Oil and gas law is gaining prominence due to the sensitive issue of climate change as well as because of the need of keeping nonrenewable energy sources intact. You will find a lot of dissertation topics to write a brilliant dissertation on. Some of the best dissertation topics have been discussed that you can use for your dissertation. However, before selecting any topic make sure that you will be able to conduct research and can employ the right methodology. Also, you can work on the gaps in previous research and deduce your conclusions. Similarly, there is always great potential in doing a literature review and analyzing previous research in the current scenario. However, if you want Dissertation Writing Services UK then feel free to contact us.

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