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Solving the Puzzles of Your PhD Dissertation

A dissertation is like a puzzle whose pieces we must bring together to complete it. When you write, you see that some puzzle parts are missing, some don’t fit together, and some have broken edges. These parts include the introduction, data collection method, results, exploring literature review, constructing research plan, and interpreting the results, etc.

Organizing your work and writing on time is the key to completing your dissertation. However, aligning your method with the thesis statement and then interpreting your results need a lot of reading and focus. Similarly, the law is a complex and vast subject. Writing a law dissertation is always a challenging matter, given the rigorous nature of the requirements. However, you can write a brilliant law dissertation with the law dissertation writing services from My Dissertations. We have the expertise and experience to help students write a well-articulated dissertation.

Solving the Puzzles of Your Ph.D. Dissertation

A Ph.D. dissertation is a big milestone and your degree depends on the completion and defense of your dissertation. The rigorous and lengthy nature of writing a dissertation can be daunting, but appropriate planning and working consistently through time will allow you to ace your Ph.D. dissertation. This blog will discuss the ways to solve the puzzle of your Ph.D. dissertation. Let’s dig in.

Understand the requirements for your institution

Both the supervisors and students often presume things without confirming them. However, it is essential to understand the details carefully and work keeping in mind those guidelines. The requirements can include No. of pages (Also, double space or single space), the formatting and referencing style, etc. Similarly, you have to approve your research proposal, and then your thesis statement.

Keep perspective

It is always not necessary to work to get an appraisal from the instructor or the dissertation checking committee. A dissertation goes a long way. Your peers will not read the thesis, but remember you and read articles or books that result from your dissertation.

Write the introduction last

Try to write an introduction along with the conclusion. Go for body paragraphs because it is easy to introduce what you have already talked about. Also, the introduction part is time-consuming and with little resources and information, you may take a lot of time, instead of when you write at the end of your dissertation.

Get feedback on the whole thesis

Most students get feedback on chapters and sections of the dissertation. However, it is better to get feedback on the complete thesis. It will allow the instructor to recommend you based on the complete dissertation. The instructor will tell if anything is missing or how to present data more effectively. Do it at the end of your dissertation as it will allow you to focus and write continually your dissertation.

Look after yourself

You won’t be able to write a brilliant dissertation without caring for yourself first. With the right health and healthy routine, you will be able to write the dissertation smoothly. Therefore, eat healthily, go out for exercise, take the sun, breath fresh air, and play sports. It will allow your body and mind to release stress. Similarly, it will allow your body to produce glucose that is used in the mental work of dissertation writing. Thus, you need to make sure that you’re in good health.

Set deadlines

Based on your projects, you may have built deadlines that allow you to work according to a fixed schedule and under pressure. Deadlines produce work that leads to the completion of work on time. You will find that you’re capable and able to do more after setting deadlines than you thought of yourself before.

Take your time to research and write

One way to keep writing your dissertation is to know what to write about. You will know this when you read and research. You must note down the important points when you research them. Note down them with citations and reference pages as it will help you to refer back when you need them and also it will help you avoid plagiarism as you will be able to cite the sources properly.

Don’t Walk Away when it gets difficult

When you have just started writing and want to gain some momentum, you may skip the rigorous and difficult sections. However, if you are in the middle and need to complete the sections, then stick to it and don’t turn away. Isn’t it best to finish it one go, then come back to it again and do it from the start? It is better to get done with it so make it work with consistency and complete focus. Do it and don’t leave for the next time.

The thesis and methodology are important

The thesis and methodology are one of the most important parts of your dissertation. The more you spend time on both of them, the better. A properly articulated thesis will guide your dissertation. Similarly, a well-articulated methodology will make the base on you to work and build on. However, it is necessary to understand the demands of the research and resources available to complete your dissertation. It is, therefore, important to take adequate time to write your thesis and methodology. However, don’t wait till you find the best ideas. Rather, start writing and you will see that thoughts will emerge during writing. You can edit and re-edit the draft a couple of times and that’s how to do it.

Write continually

One of the best ways to unstuck yourself is not to stop. You should not let yourself be stuck and waste all your time. The key is to keep writing about the things that you can write about. This will also allow you to create and build on other topics.


Writing a dissertation is a long and tedious process. It is daunting to gather information, relate all the sections, and deduce and interpret results. However, following a pathway will help you overcome this challenging work. Similarly, writing a law dissertation will become smooth and easy, given that you follow the discussed guidelines. However, it’s daunting to write with consistency and focus. Thus, if you need law dissertation help, you can contact My Dissertations and get the most reliable help there for your law dissertation. 

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