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Nursing Dissertation Topics Ideas & Examples

If you ask a student which task is the most difficult in academic life, they must say it is a dissertation. Also, some academic fields are undeniably challenging, like nursing, which makes writing a dissertation a daunting task. However, if you choose a good topic for your nursing dissertation, things can be way easier. If [...]

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There’s Nothing “Bad” About Being Stuck With Your PhD

Do you worry that you will wake up on the day of submission with an incomplete paper? This is a common anxiety amongst most research students, if not all. However, there is no point in this stress as it only holds you back from working on your barriers. If you have been thinking ‘it is [...]

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Why Writing a Dissertation is About Showing Up, No Matter What

One thing history teaches us is to never give up. At times, things don’t go as per the plan. But this is not a shut-it-down call rather it is a remodel call. Check your flaws and change the strategy properly. If we are going to back down just because of the stares and glares of [...]

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How About a Fresh Start For Your PhD Dissertation Writing?

Have you heard about temporal landmarks? If not, then let us break it down for you. It is a series of events or just one meaningful event in someone’s life which results in a fresh-start effect. It is an effect that is proven to be effective in achieving goals in a better way. Because of [...]

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Modern Preventing Strategies to Fight Obesity Among Teenagers

The rising rate of obesity and related diseases among teenagers is devastating. It does not only affect their physical health but also their minds. Besides, a variety of factors cause obesity among teenagers, which is why it is crucial to monitor them in multiple ways. You may have seen the world is now making awareness [...]

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The Ambiguity of Applied Economics and its Modern Critique

Since the beginning of the 20th century, economics has made considerable progress in the realm of applied economics. Over the course of roughly 50 years, it has developed from an art of giving broad advice to individuals or business owners. For example, it became a practical, rigorous field that predicts and explains economic behavior through [...]

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Budgeting a Public Healthcare System

Healthcare budgeting is an important aspect of government policy. It ensures that each department and sector is receiving the right amount of money and resources to work effectively. The healthcare budgeting process involves understanding how much funding should be spent in different areas. There are 2 significant costs that budgeting covers that are operating costs [...]

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List of Business Law Dissertation Topics to Make an A+ Grade Easy

Whatever topic you choose for your business law dissertation, make sure to do plenty of research and consult with your supervisor to ensure that it is suitable for a dissertation. With careful planning and execution, you should be able to produce a piece of work that will impress your examiners and help you get the [...]

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List of International Law Dissertation Topics

There is no doubt most students face many problems during the dissertation writing process. No one has ever said that writing a final-year research task is easy. Although, students get two or more years to complete this task. Still, many miss the deadline due to the difficulty. You may wonder if two years are enough [...]

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List of Company Law Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation takes a lot of time, and you can face many challenges in completing it. Moreover, there is no shortage of interesting topics to choose from for your company law dissertation. The laws governing businesses are constantly changing and evolving, making for a rich and fertile area of study.  If you are having [...]

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