Teachers Open The Door, But You Must Enter By Yourself

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Teachers Open The Door, But You Must Enter By Yourself

The Chinese are funny people things they say often make no sense. Take this Chinese proverb for example: ‘Teachers Open The Door, But You Must Enter By Yourself’ Does this make any sense to you? On the surface, this proverb is strange however, there is a lot of depth to it. The game here is to understand the implied meaning. Students depend solely on their teachers for their education when it is not just the teacher who can aid your education. It is also you. For example, students in the final year of their degree often have to get dissertation writing services UK, instead of being able to do it on their own. It is certainly not wrong to get help, however, it is better to do it on your own.

Professors often teach their students all that is required to successfully complete their dissertation writing. They open the door for you, all you need to do is take the step forward and march right in. That’s where students fail. They do not listen to their teachers and end up in a confused frenzy. To prevent that from happening, it is a good idea to follow the instructions of your teacher and enter the door.

Role Of A Teacher In A Student’s Life

  • Explain

A teacher spends several hours coming up with the best possible lesson plans just so they can explain the concept in a better way. To help students understand the concepts teachers work exceptionally hard and come up with new strategies as per the learning paradigm of their students. During each lesson, teachers try to make sure that there are no stones left unturned. In this case, if students are not paying attention or are simply unwilling to learn, then it is not the fault of the teacher but the student themselves. If you are not willing to learn, no matter what the teacher does to explain concepts to you, all efforts will be futile.

  • Create Learning Opportunities

There are many aspects that can improve your learning and it is not just the lecture a teacher gives. A teacher is responsible for enabling their students with several learning opportunities. These opportunities may include, curricular or extracurricular activities. As a teacher you should not miss any opportunity to help your students expand their learning, however, it is also dependent on students whether they wholly take part in the activities or not. If they do not let the teacher involve them in activities, their learning will be limited. Hence they will not only miss out on education but also core aspects that can build up their personality.

  • Motivation

A teacher is the biggest motivator for their students. At every stage of your life, it is your teacher who pushes you to go achieve your goals. If teachers would not motivate students, chances are that they would not do what’s needed to succeed academically. Motivation is not just for students, everyone in their life needs some sort of motivation to stay afloat. However, it is a two-way street. No matter how hard a teacher tries to motivate you, if you do not have the will to be motivated, their efforts will go down the drain. This is a great example of the idea that teachers open doors for students by motivating them but it depends on students to act on that motivation and allow themselves to succeed.

  • Sustain Academic Growth

Academic growth is very important if you want to do well in life. More academic achievement does not directly mean getting successful in life but it surely means that you will have increased chances of being able to do better in life. A teacher is the one who year in and year out works on students and tries to keep their academic boat cruising towards destiny. Such are the efforts a teacher puts in. If the efforts are not returned from the end of students, they cannot succeed and that hinders the future of students.

  • Provide Resources

The main job of a teacher is to enable the students in whatever way they can. As a teacher, you know just exactly what your students need and then provide them with the resources you think will fulfil their needs. These resources can be anything from additional study material to quizzes and whatnot. Only a teacher can tell what resources their class could use.

  • Support

Students usually are at the stage of their lives where they need the support of people who can help them further their goals. A teacher is someone who is considered the biggest support system in the lives of students. This is how many teachers, open doors for students, their endless support helps students get the confidence and emotional backing they need. Teachers often not just listen to their students but also pay attention and make sure they are walking in the right direction.

  • Prepare

A teacher is not just limited to the world of academics. There are many things that a teacher does that prepares students for the world at large. From teaching etiquette to empathy, a teacher does it all. Most students idolize their teachers and wish to walk in their footsteps. Teachers prepare their students so that they can enter the world and work on themselves.

Why Should You Enter The Door?

Your teacher has paved the way for your success. All you need to do is willingly put your learning into practice and let the world be your oyster. Now you may be wondering, why must you?  Why must you take the charge and enter the door? Well for starters, you must want to succeed in life and reach a destination that you think is the best for you. If you have any goals or destinations in mind then you must pay heed to all the teachings of your teachers and then implement all that has been taught to you.We all want to succeed in our lives and entering the door will be the first step you take towards success.

How Can You Enter The Already Opened Door?

Since the door is already open, all thanks to your teacher, all you need to do is enter. Do you know where to start? If not, no worries. We can help! A student must do the following things to ensure they don’t disappoint their teacher but do justice to their efforts.

  • Pay Attention In Class

A teacher wants nothing more than a class that is actually paying attention and listening to all the things that they are saying. All efforts of teachers go in vain if the class is not paying attention. Not only that but they also feel demotivated to help students.

  • Ask Relevant Questions

To maintain healthy interaction, students must ask relevant questions to show their teachers that not only are they listening but are also making efforts to make the most of the lecture.

  • Do Your Assigned Tasks Timely

It is heartbreaking if you assign tasks to your class but they do not complete them. A teacher thinks it’s their defeat if the student is not concerned enough to submit their tasks on time. This why it is essential for all students to complete their work on time. If you are a student who is struggling with their dissertation, get dissertation writing services UK. This way you will never submit your dissertations late.

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