Top 10 Dissertation Topic Areas with Explanation on Corona Virus Pandemic for Ph.D. Students

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Top 10 Dissertation Topic Areas with Explanation on Corona Virus Pandemic for Ph.D. Students

For a dissertation to be effective and compliant with the university, you have to take some factors into account. The scope of research should be clear, the requirement of the instructors should be stated, review existing journals, find any research gaps, add value to your topic and take ample time to decide the topic. These factors always come in handy and make your dissertation attractive. For a Ph.D. dissertation, you should have a clear perspective of your topic and research. If not, you can always rely on our PhD Dissertation Help services and enhance your content and research.

Topics For Dissertation On Coronavirus

Social Media

Social media has scribed a great impact on the world since the last decade. It is growing and every student be it a child or an aged person. The social media platforms were on the rise as all the people were at home during the lockdown and had nothing to do. People interacted with each other through these platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and WhatsApp, etc. TikTok was also a social app that got a boost during the lockdown as all the people started using it. People started posting their new recipes, food, and many other insightful things they did while they were at home. Some became famous through these apps by entertaining the people and some helping the people and getting talked upon on social media platforms. 

Social Groups 

Many social and global groups were affected by the coronavirus. Social groups like poor people and people living abroad were affected by the virus. They had less money for survival as they were mostly daily wage workers and they were laid off from their jobs. The unemployment rate started to rise and the GDP decreased a lot in some countries. The global crisis was embodied in many countries like India and Italy where the cases were on the rise and they did not have enough resources to handle the situation. 


While corona was spreading, it was noticed that the major source of it was people coming from abroad and acting as carriers of the corona. Many students and families were living abroad who wanted to get back home during the pandemic but were unable to that as most of the governments ordered to close down the airports. 


People started to think about what they have to in saving their business which was in decline due to the pandemic. They started to think about different marketing strategies and applied them. Some were successful and while some were not. The marketing sector was one of the sectors in which most companies hesitated to lay off their employees. At that time, marketing effectively was the only way to build back the business. 


The sales department in every company has a different perspective during the pandemic. Some were growing exponentially while some declined and were closed down due to lack of sales. Company’s like amazon provided home delivery which was the only suitable solution to buy anything during the lockdown so it started booming. The sales of sanitizers and tissue rolls were also on the rise as people were hogging excess supplies in fear. 

Logistics – delivery services

The companies which provided delivery services of any products were on the rise. Amazon, Alibaba, are some of the apps which provided services of home delivering food or products. The riders were not redundant after all and many office workers also offered to work as a rider as there was lack of jobs. 

Physical Health

Physical health was widely affected as people weren’t able to exercise and gym as all the gym centers were closed. The parks were also closed where people could walk and exercise. Some apps also offered massive apps of ordering food which enticed the people and they were soon addicted to it. Unhealthy food became a norm and people started to get sick and fat. People became lazy and lethargic as they were becoming fat and productivity started decreasing. 

Mental Health

A lot of companies were shut down and many people were left unemployed. Some wanted to go back to their loved ones or go out and meet their friends but were unable to do so. This created a mental health issue as people started getting stressed about how they are going to cope up with everything. Some were even concerned about how far would their savings last and what are they going to do after that. Students were stressed about their education and exams.


Almost every country in the world faced an economic crisis during that time. Some had the resources but were afraid of getting it all consumed. Some had fewer resources and capital and were waiting for foreign aid to arrive to help the people. The government of the countries was under shear pressure as their countries were facing a lot of difficulties at the same time. They were in deep confusion that if they open the markets and offices. However, the economic crisis would stabilize but it could give rise to the virus which would affect the health of many people. The prices of most of the products rose and the people were affected by it. Some high-end products were also not imported as the people were trying to save on for future pandemics.

Technological – IT

There were technological advances as people started using many devices for their online classes’ online work. Many video conferencing cameras which included microphones and speakers were at the rise of their sales. There was a shortage of laptops and PCs in some countries and now, every kid had to take classes on it. 

All these topics could be used to write a dissertation regarding coronavirus. These topics could be twisted and turned into the topic you like. As of now, the global pandemic is forcing us to re-think the way some of us perform business attributes. The pandemic has made us realize that we should think about the future and start saving for any future problems. Just like that, you should be prepared for your dissertation before it hits you like a rock. You can hire a PhD Dissertation Help UK expert who could guide through the whole process and take you through it. 

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