What Is It Like Writing a Dissertation for a PhD?

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What Is It Like Writing a Dissertation for a PhD?

Ph.D. scholars, after completing every coursework have to deal with a dissertation project. If you are at this point, perhaps you are thinking about what is it like to write a dissertation. First, I want to say congratulations for making it this far. You solely have the stress of writing a dissertation to get a doctoral degree now. At this stage, you may need a lot of secondary help to complete this huge research task. Also, you can hire PhD Dissertation Help services if you are too afraid to write it on your own.

Besides, if you did not start working on your dissertation, I would suggest you should, as soon as possible. It is not a moment to procrastinate. It can ruin all your efforts in a single event. So understand the process of writing a dissertation and what you may need throughout it first.

Difficulties in a Ph.D. Dissertation

You might not know about it, but some people start writing a dissertation as soon as their first year ends. Yes, that is right. Perhaps you are thinking, who does that so early? Because a dissertation is what we need to complete the doctoral degree program. Leaving it for later may lead you to complaints. That is why people who start working on it late often complain that they did not get a chance to head start it. Meanwhile, they have had the opportunity, but they did not think about it.

Thus, instead of procrastinating later, why do not people give it a head start by writing it earlier? Well, most people like to procrastinate. Yes, that is a bitter truth. We can simply ease the task by writing the introduction and literature review ahead of time. Even many supervisors suggest their students as well. This way, you will not face a lot of burdens while writing the methodology chapter. Besides, here are some answers to your question, “what is it like writing a dissertation.”.

Lack of Motivation

Whenever an average student thinks of writing their PhD dissertation, the first factor that stops them from writing is a lack of motivation. It is undoubtedly hard to get motivation for dealing with such a huge task as a research project. Therefore, the biggest known problem among students is opting to start writing.

Students often do not find a way to start their research. If you do not write anything, how are you going to progress? That is why students should just start writing anything, and things will get easy accordingly. Else, there are many ways to deal with the lack of motivation problem. Some students set a writing schedule to complete their research timely. It is one of the best solutions to this problem. For example, you can devote two hours a day to the writing process. This way, you may even complete your research project far before the deadline.

So what did you learn from it? I believe you learned that the most vital thing in the dissertation process is not to skip writing. Therefore, spare some time every day to write, and start the process as earlier as you can. Remember that a dissertation looks good when it is complete. Thus, if you want to graduate, you better start writing from the beginning.

Editing Time

It is always hard to observe what type of mentality your supervisor possesses. Many supervisors are often very busy. Thus, they cannot spend a lot of time reading and editing your work. So it is better to provide them chunks to read and edit every time. For example, rather than asking your supervisor to read and edit two dissertation chapters, ask them for one. Why? Because it will be convenient for your supervisor to manage time to read a single chapter. Afterward, when they complete editing the first chapter, offer them the second.

Therefore, this is the right way to manage editing time. Whereas, most of the students do not understand this. That is why many people complain their supervisors are grumpy or do not devote time to their research projects. Remember, supervisors, are also humans. Thus, they have other things to do aside from your research editing. So ask them to edit a 3-page document instead of a 30 pages document.

Moreover, some supervisors would like to read and edit all your work at once. So observe what type of supervisor you have first. Besides, most of the supervisors simply do not like to deal with a lot of work at a time.

The Number of Edits

Every student has to deal with uncountable edits during the dissertation writing process. It is the most tiresome thing, and students often hate it. Keep in mind that you cannot prevent this from happening. No matter how precisely you write for your research, you may end up getting tons of edits from your supervisors.

For example, a survey revealed a common average amount of edits per chapter is 42. It means a student may face 42 comments in a single chapter. Whenever a supervisor finds holes in a student’s research, they provide feedback about it in the form of editing comments.

So the number of edits is an annoying factor every student faces throughout the research process. However, no matter how annoyed students get, it is still necessary to get feedback to improve your work.

So remember if you tackle your Ph.D. dissertation like an essay, you may end up with regrets. Your supervisor will send back the work again and again for editing and it will disappoint you. However, you can avoid these things by some beforehand preparation.


Complications are everywhere. Most students face unknown issues at the end of their dissertation project. For example, some students’ code stops working at the last instant. On the other hand, some students’ family goes broke or face a crisis. There are infinite possibilities of complications that may occur at any time throughout the research project.

It may feel like you need to climb Mount Everest by wearing a single shirt and formal tuxedo shoes. However, you still need to keep going to complete your research timely. There is no margin between procrastination and giving up while writing a dissertation. Thinking about the reasons behind your education can help you gather motivation. For example, tell yourself you are doing this for yourself, your family, and a better tomorrow.


You may face a lot of issues in the last year of your Ph.D. program that will force you to scream your lungs out. Dealing with a Ph.D. dissertation is not something everyone can do. It requires high devotion and a lot of energy. Else, you may need to get a helping hand to complete it. If you face a situation like this, know that you can hire PhD Dissertation Writing Services for professional assistance. Besides, if you plan the right way, you will not need any secondary help but your supervisor to complete your research.

I hope this article helped you understand what kind of hurdles you may face throughout the process. Thus, you can prepare to deal with them beforehand. However, remember that a Ph.D. dissertation is not a light task. So give it a high priority to get the expected results.  

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