What Order Should I Write My Dissertation?

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What Order Should I Write My Dissertation?

A dissertation is the lengthiest task students ever face in their academic life. There are many complications in writing a good research project, such as properly ordering a dissertation. Even students have every essential information available, but this specific task puzzles them. Some of them even use online academic writing help to complete their dissertation. If you are one of them, you can also search Write My Dissertation Cheap UK-based academic help services, and you will find many. Else, keep on reading this article and help yourself.

No one wants to ruin their research project due to messing up with its order. Well, many people have made this mistake. That is why we are going to teach you everything about the ordering of a dissertation. At the end of this article, you will know what you should include and what not in your research project.

Order Sequence of a Dissertation

You might be thinking that you will get a grade from the final written product. Well, that is true. Remember, you will only get a good grade if your dissertation has valid data and proper order. For example, your professor would simply reject your research project if you put a literature review section at the beginning of your research rather than an introduction. That is why proper ordering is necessary.

Thus, here is a step-by-step guide to ordering a dissertation appropriately. Follow the sequence below respectively.

  • Title Page

You can easily figure out what this section consists of by observing its name. First, you need to put the title of your dissertation at the top center of the first page in capital letters. Afterward, there comes your name, school’s name, degree program, department, and your supervisor’s name. You can also put a logo of your school if required.

  • Copyright Page

What do you understand when you see the term copyright? Yes, the ownership. This page comes right after the title page. Some people skip this page. However, we recommend including this page, as it is essential. It contains details of the author and provides protection against copyright violations. Thus, this page can help you tackle any question of authorship later.

  • Abstract

In this stage, you need to provide a summary of your research. Make sure you clearly describe the subject and focus of your work. Also, you need to avoid lengthy explanations. An excellent time to write an abstract is at the end of your dissertation. This way, you can state your concept better after all the research.

Moreover, in the case of online publication, your name in the abstract should match the name you used on the Title page. Why? Because search engines will use your title and abstract whenever someone tries to find your work.

  • Acknowledgments (Optional)

This section is an option. Many people use this section to thank contributors and their efforts. So if there is a large number of sources that have helped you write your dissertation, you can include this section. For example, you can thank your supervisors, participants who participated in your research, friends, or family who provided you help.

  • Table Of Contents

You may have made a table of contents section in most of your essays. This section consists of a list of all chapters, subheadings, and appendices. Also, the page numbers should match the subheadings and other chapters in the table of contents.

This section gives an overview to the readers of your structure so they can quickly reach a certain topic within the document. The easiest way to make a table of contents section is through MS Word. It has a built-in option of it.

  • List of Tables, Figures, and Illustrations (Optional)

Many students use a lot of tables, figures, and illustrations to present their work. It often happens in a quantitative research method. However, it is better to make a list of them in a numbered sequence. Luckily, you can easily create a list using MS Word’s Insert Caption option.

  • List of Abbreviations (Optional)

In case you have used uncountable short forms of difficult words in your research, you should make a list of abbreviations and put them in. This way, the readers can easily look up the meaning of an unknown word to them.

Chapters of a Dissertation

After dealing with the above order sequence, it is time to dive a bit deeper into the chapters of a dissertation. The chapters are the core stages of a research project, including introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and discussions. These are standard chapters, which a dissertation would normally contain. However, your school can interfere with the structure. For example, your school may ask you to merge the results and discussions section together.

Moreover, the chapters of a dissertation define its flow. So make sure you follow the school’s guidance and format the structure the right way. Besides, below is the standard structure (all chapters) of a dissertation. Again, remember that things may vary according to your school’s needs. Thus, it is just a standard sample.

  • Introduction (Chapter 1)
  • Literature Review (Chapter 2)
  • Methodology (Chapter 3)
  • Presentation (Chapter 4)
  • Results (Chapter 5)
  • Discussions (Chapter 6)


Now you have learned how to order a dissertation appropriately. Still, remember that not all dissertations are the same. Thus, you may find variation in someone else’s work. Your dissertation’s order and structure highly depend upon your school’s criteria. However, the above information has all the answers to your queries. Generally, most schools use standard order and structure for a research project. So if you feel doubtful, you can simply check your department’s guidelines. Else, you can discuss it with your supervisor.

It is understandable that a dissertation is a complex task. Thus, if you are stuck anywhere between the process, do not hesitate to ask for help. Remember that you can search Do My Dissertation Cheap UK-based academic help services and hire a professional to guide you. Besides, I hope you will not need to ask for help after reading this article.

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