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What Should A Dissertation Include?

Writing a brilliant dissertation needs good planning. That is why every student should know everything about this research project. This way, they can tackle the problems during the process conveniently. However, a big problem surrounds students these days. They often search on the internet, “what should a dissertation include?” Well, let us give you a quite simple answer. For example, if you are a law student, your dissertation will consist of the basic parts like any other field. If still, you are doubtful, you can hire Best Dissertation Writing Services and seek help from their experts.

Besides, the standard structure of a dissertation remains the same, from introduction to conclusion/results. So do not worry about the field of education, as most probably your research would include the same standard sections. So let us help you know what a dissertation should contain. Do not start writing your research without proper know-how about the structure.

Components of a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a long process and has different stages. Every student has to spend an adequate amount of time researching, collecting materials, and writing. Sadly, many students do not know what their research should include. Well, no worries, we are here to help you all. This article will show you a step-by-step guide to structure your dissertation and everything a dissertation contains. More, we will explain to you what to put in each section.

Many students puzzle to start their research projects due to a lack of knowledge. Thus, it demotivates and confuses them. Of course, a dissertation is a troublesome task, and it is totally okay to be afraid of it. However, our advice can help you get rid of your worries.

So stick to this article till the end and help yourself efficiently. Thus, follow the guidance below. Also, remember to overview your school’s standards for writing a dissertation. It may ask you to remove or merge some specific sections.

Title Page

The title page relies upon the school’s requirements. However, a standard title page consists of your name, school’s name, registration number, department, and supervisor’s name. Still, some schools ask students to add another page, stating that the work is original under the supervision of the school.

Table of Contents

This section is a must, like any other dissertation chapter. It helps the reader to navigate to a specific point. I would recommend using MS Word’s table of contents option to ease the process. This way, if you make any changes in the document, the table of content will automatically update itself accordingly. Also, you will not need to put page numbers manually, as MS Word’s table of content feature automatically recognizes page numbers of the headings.


Here comes an alone summary of your research. An abstract is a standalone section that consists of a short summary of your overall work. The right time to write it down is at the very end of the project. This way, you can summarize everything conveniently and precisely. However, make sure it does not exceed 300 words.


You can simply observe the meaning of the introduction by its name. It is the stage where you need to introduce your research to the audience. However, there are certain things you should consider while doing it. You should tell the readers about your research question that you will investigate later in your research. Also, it must provide a concise background of your topic, following an outline of the chapters your work will have.

Remember, if you fail to hook the readers’ attention at this point, they might not make any interest later in your work. Thus, ensure to write an eye-catching introduction.

Literature Review

Here, you need to conduct a lot of research about your topic. You should gather any helpful material on your topic that exists, such as journals, articles, research studies, publications, etc. The more your research, the better you can prove your findings and defend your argument.


It comes right after the literature review section, and the actual work begins from this point. The methodology section contains the method you choose to lead your research further. For example, if you are a science student, you would need to prove your formulas, strategies, methods, statistics, etc. here. Besides, there are some common questions everyone must answer in their methodology:

  • Why you have chosen a specific method to perform your research.
  • When did the idea pop up in your mind?
  • Where will your research contribute to the field of education?
  • How your findings are worthwhile.


Either you can merge the results and presentation sections together or split them into two. Anyway, here you need to present the findings and results you collected from your methodology. If you have performed quantitative research, you must present demographics, graphs, charts, statistics, and every necessary visual. Remember that this section is more about presenting your work than describing it. The discussion has a separate section.


Now you have done dealing with the presentation of your data, it is time to describe it deeply. This section consists of every type of discussion about your results. You can further explain the wider meaning of your results here. Also, you can describe any uncertainties here, such as unexpected results.


I hope you can now start writing your dissertation. At the end of this article, you are totally aware of what a dissertation should include. Remember that good planning and the right guidance can ease things. Thus, now you have both. So thrive in your research project, whether it belongs to law or a science field. In case you need assistance to complete your law research project, do not worry. Simply find one of the Cheap Dissertation Writing Services and hire it to assist you.

Anyway, I hope this post has helped you get rid of your doubts. Still, remember that your dissertation components may vary in line with your school’s requirements. So it is always better to seek assistance from your supervisor. Else, you can make a rough draft and seek approval from our supervisor before starting writing the research.

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