What’s The Difference Between A Thesis And A Dissertation?

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What’s The Difference Between A Thesis And A Dissertation?

Many people have doubts about the dissertation between a dissertation and a thesis. Both these tasks are the final project every student has to deal with in a master’s and Ph.D. program. So what is the difference between them? Why are they two separate tasks instead of one? We are going to discuss it in this article. If you are here, you probably have a research project pending. If this is the case and you need help, hire Dissertation Writing Services and get professional assistance. Getting help from the internet is the easiest way to deal with it.

Besides, know that a thesis and a dissertation have many things in common and many differences. That is why probably most of the people consider both of these tasks as same. If you are also confused, this post will clear your concepts efficiently. Below is all helpful info about the difference between a thesis and a dissertation.  

The objective of the Dissertation and Thesis

Let’s start with the objective of the thesis and dissertation. Both of these tasks have the same objective but in different areas. For example, a thesis is the final project of a master’s degree program. Whereas, a dissertation project exists in a doctoral/Ph.D. degree program. No matter what the case is, students have to create original research work by following the school’s guidance. The common thing between them is students need to complete these tasks to complete their degree programs.

Also, the completion phase can define whether a student has completed a master’s program or a doctoral one. For example, we can judge if a student completed a master’s program by simply knowing if they completed a thesis. Else, if a student completed a dissertation, it indicates that they have completed a doctoral program.

So their objectives are nearly the same, but they stand in different areas. More, the purpose of a thesis project is to evaluate a student’s knowledge about their field of education. Whereas, a dissertation provides an opportunity for a scholar to contribute new theory and knowledge to their respected field.

Moreover, if a master’s level student wants to study further in a doctoral program, they can work on their thesis and make a dissertation out of it. In simple words, a dissertation sets no boundaries to the research. It means a student can make anything happen. Even they can use their thesis project for further use. What they need to present is a new concept from their previous research. Yet, the majority of students are unaware of this method.

The Length of a Dissertation and Thesis

We talked about the objectives of a thesis and a dissertation in the above section. Now, let’s get to the length of these tasks. We know a master’s degree program is less complex and lengthy than a doctoral program. Therefore, students of master’s degree programs have to work less on their research projects in comparison to doctoral degree scholars. So the length of both these tasks vary. The standard length of a master’s level thesis project is around 12,000 words. Meanwhile, a dissertation is about the thrice of it.  

The length can also show how much time you would need to complete these tasks. Generally, the deadline for a thesis project is one year. Some students manage to complete it in one month. On the other hand, a dissertation takes around two to three years. It happens because you have to keep working on your research until you find the best possible concept to contribute.

Difference between Dissertation and Thesis

Many people complain they cannot differentiate a thesis from a dissertation. It happens because they share nearly the same traits but on different levels of education. However, worry no more, here are some common differences that can help you identify them individually.

  • The completion process itself is the simplest difference that defines whether a student completes a thesis or a dissertation to get a degree in their education. For example, the final task of a master’s level program is a thesis, whereas a dissertation is the final task of a doctoral program.
  • A thesis is comparatively a low-scale research, in which students need to research on existing knowledge and previous research students. It shows how efficient a student is in their field of education. On the other hand, a student needs to present something useful to their field of education in a dissertation.
  • The length and deadline of a research project can define whether it is a thesis or a dissertation. As I have mentioned above, a thesis is around 12,000 words long. Its deadline is usually one year. However, a dissertation is comparatively thrice as long as a thesis. There are some factors that make it longer than a thesis, like a grant proposal. Also, a dissertation comes with a deadline of two to three years.
  • You need to complete every pending course before submitting a dissertation. Yet, you can still work on your dissertation alongside studying your remaining subjects. On the other hand, you can submit a thesis even if one of your courses is unclear. However, you need to complete the uncleared courses as soon as possible to complete the degree program.


It is totally okay if you have doubts about a dissertation and a thesis. I hope this article has made you doubt-free. Just remember that we cannot consider or use one term for both thesis and dissertation. They serve different purposes. Also, many students do not know what they are doing with their research project before starting it. If you are struggling to complete your research project, do not worry. There are many sources of help available. For example, you can hire Dissertation Writing Services UK to get help from professionals.

Remember, clarity of mind is vital to thrive in a task like a thesis or a dissertation. Thus, make sure you work on your research project with a clear doubt-free mind. Else, you may face a lot of worries during the process. Firstly, know the difference between both of these tasks. I believe this article helped you understand it, and now you can differentiate them efficiently.

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