Why Doesn’t The Outcome of Most PhD Research Dissertations Help The Common People?

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Why Doesn’t The Outcome of Most PhD Research Dissertations Help The Common People?

A PhD degree is the highest known degree in the academic world. Scholars get a PhD degree after completing a doctoral degree program. Yet, they need to write an original dissertation paper to get a degree. It is the most complex task a student faces in their academic life. Even students ask academic experts to Do My PhD Dissertation project for me. Now, imagine how hard it would be. Anyway, many people are confused about a PhD research aims and contributions. Well, no worries, as we will discuss it in this post.

Besides, schools all around the globe focus a lot on how they can be competitive in global and national rankings. The most vital factor in improving rankings is brilliant research ways and teaching efforts. The more a school’s students contribute in their field of education, the better it can get rankings. Anyway, let’s get to the point and discuss about PhD research and its effects on the common people.

Role of PhD Candidates and Their Research

You may only see PhD candidates as scholars trying to get a PhD degree. However, their role is extremely vital in the academic world, as they can possibly generate a new method or findings that could change everything. However, people often think PhD researchers and their role does not affect their lives. Well, it is true. An average person cannot understand the PhD level education and knowledge. So everything will bounce over their head.

Therefore, people think that a PhD program is a selfish degree program people do to earn fame and luxury job positions. Why do they think this way? Because a PhD research does not often help the people. Well, know that it will rarely help or focus on the common people. That is why it is a PhD research. It focuses on a larger perspective. Perhaps you will not get it easily. So, before an in-depth explanation, let us explain what the word ‘PhD’ actually means.

The Meaning of a PhD

People believe that the PhD is something of a mythological status or derived from an ancient doctoral study. Most people think are the PhD programs only for geniuses? Is it necessary to discover something remarkable? Does getting a PhD qualification to make a person doctor? Or the PhD level education is only for people who want to become a professor? All these questions are meaningful, and different people believe different things. Yet, the meaning of PhD holds the answers to all these questions.

PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy and has always been a mysterious level of education. As the scholars who complete a PhD program become doctors, people are confused about what kind of doctor they become? Well, obviously, not the type of doctor you are thinking of right now. Also, some people puzzle when they think about the term “Philosophy”. Does everyone need to study Philosophy to complete their doctoral program? No, unless your desired field is Philosophy.

What Does PhD Stand For?

As mentioned in the above section, PhD stands for “Doctor of Philosophy”. In today’s world, it is the highest level of education. More, PhD comes from the Latin term “Philosophiae Doctor”. Now, why the highest level of education is PhD? Why isn’t it something else? Well, the definition of Philosophy can answer this question very well. The term ‘Philosophy’ means “lover of wisdom”. In simple words, philosophy is not a subject but a quality that high-level scholars often possess.

Reasons of Most PhD Research Not Affecting Common People

I hope you know the actual meaning and purpose of a PhD education at this point. Thus, now you efficiently understand the reasons most PhD research does not help common people. The reason is simple, as the PhD researchers do not focus on common issues. Yet, they tend to find the root that causes specific problems.

For example, a study showed that HIV is curable through stem cells transfusion. However, obviously, it was high-level research, and the majority of people could not get anything out of it. Coincidentally, a woman terminated HIV from her body during the stem cells transfusion later, proving the PhD research beneficial for humans. Thus, a thing that people cannot understand, they often consider it useless or unhelpful.

Therefore, it is true that most of the PhD research does not suppose to help the common people. Why? Because there are a thousand reasons to talk about among people, whereas there are very few PhD candidates to conduct research. Besides, many reasons stop PhD researchers from wasting their time researching common issues that can instantly help people. Here are some reasons:

Specialized PhD Training Issues

The PhD dissertation follows a specialized PhD training suite. Therefore, the outcomes that a PhD researcher generates are not understandable unless you have gone through the training sessions. Sadly, the majority of people are unaware of these training suites. That is why they cannot understand what is going on with a PhD research. Thus, as they cannot understand it, they think it is not helping them but serving other purposes.

Moreover, the training scholars get in a PhD program does not teach them to help the people. Instead, it motivates them to create something new and original and contribute to the industry. In simple words, a PhD researcher is not a prime minister who has to address issues of the common people. If you want to see any PhD research helping people, you should wait some more years after it is published.

Constraints and Complexities of Research

Even if someone tries to help the common people from their PhD research, it may vary from academic field to field. For example, an economics PhD research may help the people. However, a complex mathematics PhD research would not help the common people but the physicists and astronauts. So a PhD research will probably help the people but on a different stage and time period.

Therefore, everything research has some constraints, which stops it from affecting the common people directly. So if a researcher even tends to help people with their work, it would probably leave a minimal and indirect impact. Thus, it points out that the aim of a PhD dissertation is not essential to help the common people. Instead, its purpose is to motivate scholars to get advanced knowledge about their field.


People spend a lot of time conducting their PhD research. Throughout their research project, they go through many different activities. Yet, none of the activities includes helping common people but to invent something new. Thus, it is very common and simple to understand that a PhD dissertation cannot help people presently but may help them in the future. So there is no quick answer for it.

Writing a PhD research is undoubtedly a complex and lengthy task. Students often need to spend three to four years conducting their research. Many people tend to hire PhD Dissertation Help Online services to get expert guidance throughout this task. Thus, if someone tells them that their research does not help the common people, their obvious answer would be “you are right”. They are not supposed to help the common people. PhD scholars aim to develop a new concept, having the power to change things.

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